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  5. "Nunueni chupa za maji!"

"Nunueni chupa za maji!"

Translation:Buy water bottles!

March 9, 2019



Do you think they really mean what they say here? Should this not be translated as, "Buy (a) bottle(s) of water?"


Interesting question: 'water bottles' vs. 'bottles of water'. Let's hope Machieng can answer this one!


Thanks for pointing out my error tactfully by rewriting "bottles of water" without the options I had in brackets. I had overlooked that one letter, 'z', in the statement which tells us that bottles is in the plural here.

"chupa za maji" = bottles of water

"chupa ya maji" = bottle of water

I'm pretty convinced (while waiting for Machieng) that this use of the genitive can only mean a bottle with water in it, and not a water bottle, meaning a bottle for containing water.


AAARRRGH! Duo has been insisting on the use of "You all..." whenever the command is plural. So I did on this one and it says it is wrong. Stupid owls.


nunueni - you all buy...right??


Thinking Duo was looking for meaning here rather than an exact translation, I wrote, "Buy bottled water," and this was marked as incorrect. Am I wrong?


I thought chupa was in the 'ki/vi' noun class, so can someone please explain why the 'a of association' has za and not cha. Chupa cha maji?


Chupa is N/N noun class.

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