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"Apakah ada wihara di dekat sini?"

Translation:Is there a vihara nearby?

March 9, 2019



Vihara is not a generally known word in English.


I understand you are not saying that Duolingo shouldn't use the words that you don't know. You are saying Duolingo should use words that are generally known.


Just because it is in a dictionary, doesn't mean that people know the word. Certainly the UK may be different, but it's not a generally known word in the US or Canada.


That's good to know.
Now you've learned a new English word.

Here is another dictionary where this word is listed :


For what it's worth, I also came here because I had never heard of vihara before. The course would probably be more user-friendly if it were translated as "monastery". But, of course, your mileage may vary.


a monastery is not necessarily Buddhist.


Aha...okay....so, because you don't know the word it shouldn't be used , right ?


Correct. Not because "I" don't, but because anyone speaking English who isn't Buddhist, doesn't know that word.


I'm not sure why you are being so rude. My comment is based on my many years of experience speaking American English, which I have an above average proficiency in.

If you wish to use the word and explain it each time that you use it, be my guest.


Indeed I had never heard of it.


So, what are you trying to say ?
The course should only be using words that you know ?
So, please tell us....which words do you know ?
Do you have a list of those words somewhere online ?

Or....The course should only be using words that everybody knows ?
What are those words ?
Which words should be excluded ?

Wow...I'm wondering what kind of a course that would be.

but because anyone speaking English who isn't Buddhist, doesn't know that word.

That's quite a claim.
Something to back it up ?

You do know that there is something that's called a dictionary right ?

If you don't know a word, you can look it up.
That's a good way to increase your vocabulary.


And if are confused about why your dictionary comment isn't pertinent, please refer to this article: https://englishlive.ef.com/blog/language-lab/many-words-english-language/


Actually I think it is more correctly a Sanskrit word. I have a Bhuddist friend here in Melbourne, Australia and he talks about going to the Bhuddist monastery. I've never heard or read the word vihara.


But since the Indonesian word here is "wihara", it is a good opportunity to learn the English word "vihara".

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