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Confused with translations

I'm little confused. When I translate some words, it says that sentence "Sie essen den Apfel." in translated into English as "You eat that apple or You are eating the apple.". Shouldn't it be "They eat that apple or They are eating the apple"?

July 15, 2012



Have you taken the "Formal You" lessons?


No I haven't I'm already on Basics 2. When I get to Formal You, will it explain it?


In English, we use "you" for the second person (singular and plural), and there isn't a different treatment depending on who you are talking to. In German, "du" is equivalent to "you" (singular) and "ihr" is equivalent to "you" (plural). The form "Sie" is equivalent to "they" and "you" (both singular and plural) when you need to be formal: if you were to adress, for instance, a Prime Minister, you would use "Sie" and not "du". This is quite easy for me because I'm a native Spanish speaker, and we have the form "tu" (singular) y "vosotros" (plural), with the formal ones "usted" y "ustedes".


It should be explained at the "Basics I" page, under verb conjugation.

Sie can be the "formal you," reserved for non-intimates. It can also be the capitalized form of sie,meaning "they". Sie essen, sie essen-- You eat, they eat.

But, it could be a bug if you can't tell from context.


It also means "they eat the apple", so if it wasn't in the list of correct solutions then it's a bug

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