"He comes at quarter past four."

Translation:वह सवा चार बजे आता है।

March 10, 2019

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यह सवा चार बजे आता है should also be correct


When and how do we use Sava ?


Divide your clock into 4 quadrants now

Sava = 1/4 Sade = 1/2 Pone = 3/4 passed 1/4 remaining

Now taking the no. 5

Sava 5= 5:15 Sade 5= 5:30 Pone 6= 5:45/ a quarter to 6


I think from ur explanation,, u have 5.45 as pone6, wther its correct or... It should b pone5?? Am not aware of it


The explanation is a bit ambiguous you're right, but it's the example that's correct.

पौने translates directly to 'quarter to' in English. So where Harshita said '3/4 passed', that referred to the previous hour.

सवा similarly is exactly 'quarter past'.

Perhaps it makes more sense to start the example at 5.45:

  • 5.45 - पौने छह बजे
  • 6.00 - छह बजे
  • 6.15 - सवा छह बजे
  • 6.30 - साढ़े छह बजे


Vaha phonae chat bajge aatha hai is also right?

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