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  5. "Honolulu is voggy today."

"Honolulu is voggy today."

Translation:Polalauahi ʻo Honolulu i kēia lā.

March 10, 2019



Why the i between Honolulu and kēia?


Can someone clarify for me when "o" is ‘o and when it's just o please? Sometimes get okina and sometimes not. I haven't been able to figured out which is what.


ʻO with ʻokina is used in front of Names (people, places): ʻo Kaleo, ʻo Honolulu, with "who" (ʻo wai) and with "he/she" (ʻo ia).
O without ʻokina corresponds more or less to the English "of" or " 's": "Pehea ke anilā o Honolulu?" = "How is Honolulu's weather?" or "How is the weather of Honolulu?"
It seems, when o or e is used, you do not use ʻo.


Mahalo nui no kou mana`o - he kokua nui!!


Has anyone else noticed the misspelling of Fog?


vog is different than fog. Vog is caused by sulfur dioxide being released from volcanic vents. It is a form of air pollution that is different than fog. Most people don't know about it due to this being unique to locations with volcanic vents.


Yes, I realised that while looking through the Volcano Sections of A-Level Geology

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