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"The belt buckle represents Earth."

Translation:tera' 'oS 'alnIl.

March 10, 2019



It does? :-)

Is a belt buckle really such a Terran object? Or, is this just another example of "sometimes a sentence is just a sentence?"


The second one.

Also, "the belt buckle" is a particular one, not belt buckles in general.

Perhaps someone has made a costume where different parts of the costume (boots, gloves, sash, belt buckle) represent different things -- and the belt buckle (on that costume) happens to represent Earth.


I was thinking more along the lines of: "This belt buckle represents Earth. This phone represents the moon. So if I put this cup all the way over here, it represents the sun. Now, our ships will move in this way..."


Oh, that's a good example! It's deserving of a lingot. :-)

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