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Can't reset password!

When I accidentally logged out of my profile on the computer (and got the wrong password typed in) I went to the link "Reset Password," typed my email, and clicked on the link provided in the reset email. And when I clicked it, it was a 404 and didn't exist anymore! Fortunately and gratefully I'm still logged in on my iPad (Safari, not the app, though I do have it and if I was only logged in the app, I can't post from there) and able to post from here (it works). Today I searched for "reset password" in the discussion feed and I saw a lot of posts on this problem. I wrote a message to the Support Team. It seems like they haven't fixed or noticed this at all. I love Duolingo and I find it very useful in learning languages. Please, it's been a long time, can you FIX THIS?

UPDATE: I read the email sent by Support and it didn't answer my question about the 404 problem at all.

May 24, 2014



Go into your settings on you iPad, and make sure you have the correct email entered.


I did, I'm sure. I sent a lot of reset emails and I clicked the link on all of them on my computer, but all of them are 404s. Even when I do it again and again, it creates an endless loop.


You need to click on the most recent link you get. Are you doing this?


Yes, I do. I click on the most recent link from the most recent email I get, but when I click on it (logged out) it says: "You need to log in to view this page." And if I was logged in, it would be a 404. How am I going to reset my password if I needed to use my password to log in? If it did work after actually logging in, then how could I log in if I forgot my password?

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