"Ini adalah anak terpenting di sini."

Translation:This is the most important child here.

March 10, 2019

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All children are important


Why must 'adalah' be included? What difference does it make and is it necessary or just optional. I would really appreciate the explanation please. Many thanks.


'adalah' is optional.

Maybe this explanation helps a little :


Thank you so much. I really appreciate your answer and the explanation (link).


I just read the explanation about adalah that you wrote and I appreciate it very much. Would you please help me to understand why there is no need for two 'adalah' s in this sentence. Saya adalah anak tertua, dia anak termuda. If the first noun phrase is 'saya' and then adalah joins the second noun phrase anak tertua, why doesn't adalah also belong in the second part of the sentence which appears to have the same structure as the first part of the sentence. Would it also be correct to write "saya adalah anak tertua, dia adalah anak termuda." Many thanks for your help on this question. I am finding it difficult to understand.


Would it also be correct to write "saya adalah anak tertua, dia adalah anak termuda."

Yes, that is also correct.
You can use 'adalah' in both parts (before and after the comma).
You can also leave it out altogether in both parts (before and after the comma).
'Saya anak tertua, dia anak termuda.'
'adalah' is optional.


Thank you so very much WayangOrang. I'm really grateful for your input. You've made it so clear again. Many thanks.


Since we are talking about a child, shouldn't we use "Dia" instead of "Ini"? -> "He/She" insteaed of "This"?


Yes, that would be more appropriate.


I can't imagine anyone using this sentence in New Zealand. I hope nobody would use it in Indonesia??


'this is the most important child here' is not accepted as correct

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