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Choose your lesson Type

I think it would be cool if you could pick what kind of lesson you want, for example, if someone wats to work more on pronunciation, they would click on something like "Oral lesson." there could be different selections for different lesson types. Just a thought:)

April 9, 2013



Thanks for the idea! This is something we'd be interested in for the future.


yes,duolingo is interesting!


I think that would be great, but we should still have this original version too. Without this original version, people might only focus on speaking or spelling and not work on the others because they are not willing to.


...unless you have access to those particular tabs AFTER you have achieved a certain level for each lesson. That way you would need to 'master' each lesson/level prior to honing your pronunciation etc.


This would be ideal so reviewing after mastery can be focused on certain areas. I definitely need more translation practice with particular words.


If you need more translation practice with particular words I think you should go to the vocabulary list and practice your weakest words/ practice certain words.


I agree with you. I think we should have the original version... and then 'practice/strengthen'.


Good idea, i guess I didn't think about that part:)


That would be great! I would like to be able to spend more time with the types of lessons I feel less confident about. At least in practice mode, after completing the skill.


I was just thinking the same - for me I do some Spanish lessons on the train to and from work - during which I turn off the microphone, as I don't want to disturb fellow passengers on the train.

Since that is some hours a week that I can't do the pronunciation exercises, it would be good to then have the choice of having a pure pronunciation lesson when I get back home.


I'd just like to log another vote for this idea - I've been using Duolingo daily for about six weeks now and in particular I'm finding that whilst my language reading skills are coming along really well, my listening skills are lagging some way behind. It would be great to be able to go back to strengthen a skill and to be able to specify that I want testing mostly (or entirely) with listening questions.

Along similar lines it would be nice if the listening questions could use a range of voices rather than just the one female voice. I know that because it's generated procedurally the voice isn't going to sound exactly like a real person saying those words, but at least this way your ear might get more attuned to hearing the language in a range of voices.

Great app and website by the way, I really think it has the potential to completely change the way people learn languages!


I would also like to second this idea. For me, it is very important to be able to speak, so it would be good if, as part of the immersion, I could do speaking exercises (the ones that you have to translate, not the ones where you just have to repeat). I understand that duolingo needs us to translate, and that is fine. The speaking exercises could be a prize to be earned through translation. I would be more than happy to go through with this.


But if you do the pronunciation only, then you could cheat because you never lose hearts with that type of exercise. So it could be used as strengthening/practice but not for the main progress


You do have a point.


this would be the best ever


OMG this is a wonderful idea. I have so many problems with pronouns in Spanish.


I know! Spanish grammar still gets to me even though i speak it often:)


would be nice if the system allows us to have more margin for error that the student will not be limited to just 5 hearts, and also accumulate mistakes made on another site and then analyze and meet the objective, that does not obstruct that move from unit. user. dorisdo.


Would be nice if the system allows us to have more margin for error that the student will not be limited to just 5 hearts, and also accumulate mistakes made on another site and then analyze and meet the objective, that does not obstruct that move from unit. user. dorisdo.


yeah that would be cool


JediR2 . .. that would be great!!!!!


Yeah! I have trouble pronouncing in French!


Duolingo is lacking on its speaking portion of the lessons. Speaking is a very important key of language learning obviously, which is why it needs improvement. I agree with the posts in that we need a better way to strengthen every facet of the language. It really would be a better and more well rounded learning experience.

The monotony of being proficient in only a few areas of a language is frustrating for me. That's not to say that I'm not easily able to understand and complete the reading, writing, speaking and listening parts. I would just like to be better at all of them ESPECIALLY speaking. The lessons right now aren't enough for me, which is why like many others I supplement other things in tangent with Duolingo. I know it's new and all but I'm hopeful that they'll listen to our suggestions.


Has anything come of this idea?/ I know alot of words but lack in the ability to consistently speak it in a proper sentence.


I very much agree! For me, with French, listening comprehension is be far the hardest aspect of the language, I would love to increase the number of listening comprehension exercises, and, more generally, as you suggest, choose any of the types of questions on which I want to focus.

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