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  5. "Toral hates silver."

"Toral hates silver."

Translation:SIrlIy muS toral.

March 11, 2019



And don't call him Shirley!!!

(I've been dying to say that ever since we discussed "You cannot be serious.") ;-)


K1: SIrlIy muS toral.

K2: muSbej 'ej SIrlIy HIpongQo'.


Ah, so you can use pong as a transitive verb: 'to call someone [else] (name)'. Some languages are funny about that, so I wasn't sure. qatlho', David!


Yes. The name is the direct object and the recipient of the name is the indirect object (indicated with -vaD or by the prefix trick).


Thanks for the added tip about -vaD; I didn't even consider that. So to remove the pronominal prefix and replace it with an indirect object, it would be toralvaD SIrlIy yIpongQo' 'Don't call Toral Shirley'?


The original was SIrlIy HIpongQo' so the expanded equivalent would be jIHvaD SIrlIy yIpongQo'.

Be warned that you can only do this "prefix trick" when the indirect object (the word with -vaD) is first- or second-person.

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