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Students cannot access Skill Assignment.

Students can see the assignment, however most when clicking on it are unable to access it.

Per your post https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002602146-Can-I-assign-a-specific-skill-without-the-students-having-to-reach-it-

You have said that " Now when assigning a skill out of order, that skill becomes unlocked for students and they can do it right away."

This is untrue for me and my students. They see the post, but it is not unlocked.

I have even created a demo account and tried it again as if I were the student. I double checked the language, progress sharing, etc.

This is a glitch that needs rectified or at least we need to be told that the feature is no longer available.

Looking forward to your feedback.

March 11, 2019



Please, submit a bug report via

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If you don't receive a solution in this forum or in Duolingo's reply to your bug report, then you can email Schools' support staff at teachers@duolingo.com


I accidentally discovered a temporary fix to this... They don't have to complete all the skills/lessons leading up to an assignment, but they do have to achieve whatever LEVEL the assignment is on. So if the assignment is on the intermediate (2nd or 3rd) level, students will have to test out at the checkpoint for level 1 OR complete all the activities up to the checkpoint to complete the LEVEL before the skill you assigned.

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