"What day is your birthday?"

Translation:ʻO ka Pōʻahia kou lā hānau?

March 11, 2019

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ʻO ka Pōʻahia kou lā hānau? = What day (of the week) is your birthday?

(one answer) ʻO ka Pōʻalua koʻu lā hānau. = My birthday is Tuesday.


Would anyone know why '''Aia ma ka lā 'ehia kou lā hānau?' as in the translation which DL gives for 'Aia ma ka lā 'ehia ka pā'ani põpeku?' -on which day is the football game? is not accepted?


I do not quite understand the question, but I translate what you wrote as:


Aia ma ka lā ʻehia kou lā hānau? - What date is your birthday on? Or What day of the month is your birthday on?

Aia ma ka lā ʻehia ka pāʻani pōpeku? - What date is the football game on? Or What day of the month is the football game on?


This "day/date" distinction is very difficult. Usually when one asks about a birthday, one expects a day of the month answer. But actually, one would probably say "When," not "What day." I thought I had learned my lesson with "What day is the holiday," but it turns out they wanted ka lā 'ehia!


Aia ma ka pōʻahia kou lā hānau? Was accepted. I dunno sometimes, date and day seem to confuse me in some DL lessons, here's an example O ka lā ʻehia o Ianuali ka lā hōʻike? Which day of January is the show date? Maybe l wrote it wrong but I wanna say that is what DL wrote?

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