"Which is the smallest dress that you sell?"

Translation:Mana gaun terkecil yang Anda jual?

March 11, 2019

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Could somebody explain why "menjual" isn't admitted here? Is it because the me- prefix can't be used in subordinate clauses or something?


I don't understand why there is no "yang" after "gaun". I thought that with "the smallest dress" that we had to say "gaun yang terkecil". For this sentence it would require a 2nd "yang" to be placed before "Anda" so the sentence would be "Mana gaun yang terkecil yang Anda jual?" So wondering if someone could explain the rules for when "yang is required and not required to be placed between gaun and terkecil? Thanks. :)


"Mana gaun yang terkecil yang Anda jual?"

This is also correct.

gaun terkecil = gaun yang terkecil = smallest dress.

'yang' is optional in a phrase like this.


1) gaun terkecil = gaun yang terkecil = smallest dress

2) gaun saya = my dress.
3) gaun terkecil saya = gaun saya yang terkecil. = my smallest dress.

If within a noun phrase a noun is followed by an adjective and there is no other modifier, then 'yang' can be included. (sentence 1)

If a personal pronoun is part of the noun phrase (see sentence 2,3), 'yang' can also be included, however the 'yang' part changes position and is moved to the end of the phrase. (sentence 3)

What comes after the 'yang' part is not limited to an adjective or another modifier, it can also be a 'yang' clause.

Below is a scheme / formula about the sequence/word order in a noun phrase [FN].

(a) [nomina + adjektiva + persona + penunjuk]
buku merah saya ini
anak nakal dia itu
celana kotor mereka itu

(b) [nomina + persona + yang + adjektiva + penunjuk]
buku saya yang merah ini
anak dia yang nakal itu
celana mereka yang kotor itu

(a) [FN] = noun + adjective + personal pronoun + determiner
(b) [FN] = noun + personal pronoun + yang + adjective + determiner


terima kasih banyak!!!


"Guan mana yang terkecil yang anda jual" is not accepted. Could you please explain for me?


Very throughout bravo

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