"Which is the biggest bag that you sell?"

Translation:Mana tas terbesar yang Anda jual?

March 11, 2019

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My understanding is that "which" means "yang mana" in Indonesioan. So shouldn't it be "Yang mana tas terbesar anda jual"?


Yeah you yang use yang or not your sentence is also correct.


Why is menjual wrong?


Why is menjual incorrect?


my answer - yang mana- instead of mana is correct. Yang mana means which. Mana usually means where. Please correct the translation.


Why is "Mana ada tas ..." wrong?


It is wrong because of the use of /ada/. /Ada/ would be used in statements of existence, possession, or location; but in this case the question wants to know which bag (among the ones already available and present) is the biggest. You can use /adalah/ to equate predicate nouns to subjects (thereby making equative statements/clauses), but you can't do this with the verb /ada/ because it has a different function.

Now, if it were /dimana/, then you could use /ada/, because that would be asking the location of something 'Where is...?" But this is a question for asking "Which is...? /Mana/ without /di/ on the front means 'which'. Which is the bag that has the attribute of being the biggest bag that you sell?

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