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"Aia ma ka ʻehia ka pāʻani pōpeku?"

Translation:What date is the football game?

March 11, 2019



"The football game is on what day?" Not acceptable?


Flag it and let them know. Things that weren't accepted before are accepted now. Its a work in progress.


Aia ma ka lā ʻehia ka pāʻani popeku? = On which date is the football game?

(one answer) Aia ka pāʻani pōpeku ma ka lā ʻumi o Pepeluali. = The football game is on February tenth.


i think i got incorrect for using "match" instead of "game"? flaggedt


Ka lā 'ehia is the subject. It goes first in the equational. Ho'okūkū and pā'ani are similar, but not the same.


Is there a differencebetween day and date?


Day is Mon, Tues, etc. Date is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd. People commonly use day when date is more accurate, however.


thanks. I meant in Hawaiian :-)


Just checking - this is referring to American football rather than soccer?


You are correct. Soccer would be powāwae.
For some reason, there are people who are using the down-vote button when the answer to a question is not affirmative, regardless of whether the post is relative and legitimate. That is not the purpose of the vote system and those folks are abusing the system.

Your question is obviously legitimate.
I gave your post an up-vote to counter someone else's abusive down-vote.

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