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Try out my new Duolingo Theme (Firefox 17 Only)

I'm not exactly a fan of the current Duolingo UI, so I've created a theme with Firefox Stylish, and changed some things I disliked aesthetically.

You can download it here(If you use Firefox Nightly) http://userstyles.org/styles/69402/duolingo-firefox-only





Duotheme Verson 1

=====A Brief Overview of Changes=====

1 Duoland has been Removed

I've replaced the Duoland background image with a plain blue-white background. As I am sure some of you like having Duoland there, you can bring it back by deleting the "background:" line on line 5. You can still see it when you level up or learn/master a skill.

2 Cleaner Skill Boxes(And just about everything else)

The Skill boxes have been simplified, and unnecessary decorations have been removed(i.e. the screws on the locked skills.) Buttons, boxes, backgrounds, etc. have also been simplified and sharpened.

3 CSS Glossy Gradients on the Mastered Skills

I don't get why Duolingo uses an image file for the gold panels on the Mastered skill headers. I've replaced it with a CSS glossy gradient.

4 Font changes

I've changed the font from Helvetica to Segoe. You can change it to something else by replacing "Segoe" with the font name of your choice in line 6. Text input boxes now use a script font(Which will no doubt please some and infuriate others). If you don't like it, Ctrl-F "Maritime Tropical" and replace it with the font name of your choice.

5 Glow effects

Some things like the pink background you get when an answer is wrong, have been replaced with border glows. Hover-Glows have also been added in other places as well.

6 Bigger Accent Keyboard keys and Text Boxes

If anyone is getting the problem where the text boxes have been clipping off accents, this theme fixes it. I also find the accent keyboard keys too small, so I've bumped up the size.

7 No checkboxes in the lesson Multiple Choice

Personally I find the checkboxes inside the buttons annoying and redundant(They are especially ugly on Linux), so I got rid of them. The multiple choice buttons will still work fine.

8 A whole bunch of other stuff

There are many more changes I can't list here, so try out this theme and see for yourself!

This theme has been tested on Mozilla Firefox, under Linux. It may work on Chrome, but things like the Mastered Skill gold gradients and the Practice button probably will not display correctly. Most issues I anticipate will be font-related, you can solve them by installing the needed fonts or changing the specified fonts to something else. If you're fast enough to notice a small flicker on the Check/Continue buttons in the Lesson, that's an old transition from the original Duolingo trying to reassert itself. I don't anticipate many people having issues with it since it's so fast, only happens occasionally, and most people use the Enter key instead of the button anyway.


July 15, 2012



Yikes, really? I find the UI to be pretty sharp as is, but congrats on putting together the release!


Wow, just found out this theme looks terrible on Windows...guess it's Linux only. Also, the transitions won't work until Firefox hits v17, so I guess in four releases, this theme will work on normal firefox.


Small update for the new Vocabulary Section.

The code now exceeds the Userstyles.org size limit (mainly due to embedded icons). To install/update, just go to Firefox ButtonAddonsStylishPreferences open the Duolingo theme to edit(or create a new style if you don't have the old one) and replace everything in it with the code in this file:


-More Screenshots-





=====Some Changes Since Last Release=====

1 More Images have been replaced with CSS(like coins). Some elements like the hearts, level badges, vote buttons, speaker icons have been replaced with embedded images, so they might load a bit faster.

2 Vocabulary Page has been themed

3 Gloss animations on mastered skills and other gold elements

4 Smilie Face vote buttons have been replaced with upvote/downvote/Neutral arrows.

5 Improvement on original Duolingo: "Use your new words" box at the end of the lesson is no longer obscured by the stream post box when there are many new words.

6 Many other small tweaks and replacements

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