Using mobile data and wifi in mainland China cannot connect to the server without using VPN

Using mobile data and wifi in mainland China cannot connect to the server without using VPN,How did this happen?

March 12, 2019

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Android version:android 9

Mobile phone manufacturer : Xiaomi Communications co.,Ltd.

deviceName: Xiaomi_Xiaomi_MI 8 SE

Network mode:中国移动(china mobile) 4G

March 12, 2019

because china have network flitering i mean, lots of data will be removed in china web, you cannot acess some website witch is goverment didn't want you to know. like you can't acess wikipedia in china mainland becasue that will tell you things about 64, hows CCP commit Crime against humanity ,etc. although noone knows its is true or false, china goverment just dont want you to know, most of american, europin website, english website has been blocked, you cannot acess in china mainland, but some hacker has invented the way to bypass that, that is right called VPN, Proxy and Tor, witch can help you hide the things you want to know witch is censored by china goverment, duolingo might already been blocked/censored by china mainland goverment, so that you need to have that.
i will suggest under sevrice to let you bypass the censor
1. freegate.
2. Tor
hope these can help. enable/start them when you need to acess duolingo. internet speed will significantly decrease, that is normal. hope that helps. and sorry about my english. i can chinese upon request (im not using google translate)

March 15, 2019

Maybe you need to update the application

March 27, 2019

In china most of the foreign websites are blocked so you must use a vpn to go over the wall to access any of the websites. I use vpn when i m in china, but on my first visit i had alot of issues connecting to my social sites then a friend of mine introduced my a website for the best vpns which are working in china. 如果在中国必需要用VPN来翻墙。

July 9, 2019
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