"Kami berhenti."

Translation:We stop.

March 12, 2019

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How about, "We've stopped."?


kami sudah berhenti.


What does ber mean? What does henti mean?


ber- is a prefix, used to form verbs.

[ber-] + [base word] = verb

'henti' (noun) is the base word, meaning 'stop'

[ber-] + [henti] = berhenti ==> to stop.

It's probably explained in the tips and notes.

Have you already read those ?


Terima kasih! I have read some of the tips and notes but I should try to read more of it


No worries.
I've seen that there is even a "sticky" topic now with the grammar notes.
'ber-' prefix is not on that list.
It's probably already explained in the original Tips&Notes.
(the lightbulb icon)

Long story short....'ber-' prefix can have the following meanings :
"to have" , "to use , "to produce".
(please check/doublecheck with the Tips&Notes)

Like this:
Saya bersepeda. (I use the bicycle ==> I bike/I cycle !?)
Saya beranak. (I have a child / I give birth to a child)

Not sure about the bicycle (to cycle ???) (is that a verb in English ?).
But that's how the ber- prefix is used in Indonesian.
To form a verb from other words (mostly nouns).


Terima kasih banyak Now I get it! Cheers


Could it also be We quit?

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