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lessons still don't fit on the screen

the practice lessons are back to not fitting on the screen again. This was a big problem when the last big change was made-- then it seemed to get a bit better- at least the 'check' button was on the same screen as the question.... now it's back to having to page down each and every little question - while this HUGE WHITE SPACE takes up the whole empty screen.....

I don't understand why this change was made.......it is a real headache in the timed practice - and it's just annoying in the regular lessons...if there was some logic as to why this was done, I'd really like to at least hear it.....it's hard to imagine anyone thinking this was a good improvement to the user.....

May 24, 2014



I just posted about the same thing. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3186110

An awesome user told me to use control+minus sign key to make everything in the page smaller. Maybe that little trick will help you, too?

I guess I joined Duo after the change was implemented. The constant need to scroll has been annoying me, and I can imagine how frustrating it would be to not have to, then suddenly have to.


I see the same. Now I can't see the answers to the exercises without scrolling.

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