Ok, first off, I'm THRILLED that now in discussions I can see who is following me. But I think it would be really nice if we could possibly have a list on our homepage. Such as a "Friends" list, of who I'm following and who is following me back, and the a "Followers" list of who is following me, but I have not chosen to follow. It's an idea!

April 9, 2013


I think that instead of receiving an e-mail, we should be able to see on our stream who is following us, so that it doesn't clutter up our email address. That would be a nice upgrade.

You already get a message on your stream when someone starts following you. You might have missed those among the other messages. Go to Settings and then Notifications to de-select the notification for "Somebody friends me".

I do get those. What i'm saying is showing a list on our Home page. I don't like all those emails cluttering up my inbox.

I don't have that problem, because I have set up a rule in my e-mail program that sends all Duolingo e-mails to a separate folder. Maybe you could try doing that?

Yes, i think i will.

What email do you have, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc?

I have a gmail too.

How did you do that @Lenkvist

Someone is following one of my students, and the student doesn't want them to. Is there a way to delete a follower or just make your account completely private?
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@GSWilson : Try asking the follower to kindly stop following. I was once asked that and happily fulfilled the request/wish.

So, you can't currently see followers, but we will be adding that :) Stay tuned.

Presently I can see who I am following on my home page but not who is following me. I get no emails about followers and I used to be able to see those who were actively translating on the translating page but that is now also gone. With no other list of members to refer to, how can we follow somebody if we don't know they exist? The only way is if they are in the the discussion area, but if they don't use that feature it can be difficult to make contact. I deleted one of the users I had been following and now there is no provision for me to add them back to my list. Can you suggest how I might go about this? It would be nice to be able to continue to follow and be followed as we once did. Thank you. Still finding the system most enjoyable and learning a lot. Keep up the good work.
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I’m contacting you this way, because I think there is no other way currently. It seems that the activity tab has been removed, or is it just on my profile? Also, there is no possibility to write to other Duolingo users on their profiles. This change happened sometime 3-4 weeks ago.

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