Ok, first off, I'm THRILLED that now in discussions I can see who is following me. But I think it would be really nice if we could possibly have a list on our homepage. Such as a "Friends" list, of who I'm following and who is following me back, and the a "Followers" list of who is following me, but I have not chosen to follow. It's an idea!

April 9, 2013


I think that instead of receiving an e-mail, we should be able to see on our stream who is following us, so that it doesn't clutter up our email address. That would be a nice upgrade.

You already get a message on your stream when someone starts following you. You might have missed those among the other messages. Go to Settings and then Notifications to de-select the notification for "Somebody friends me".

I do get those. What i'm saying is showing a list on our Home page. I don't like all those emails cluttering up my inbox.

I don't have that problem, because I have set up a rule in my e-mail program that sends all Duolingo e-mails to a separate folder. Maybe you could try doing that?

Yes, i think i will.

What email do you have, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc?

I have a gmail too.

How did you do that @Lenkvist

Someone is following one of my students, and the student doesn't want them to. Is there a way to delete a follower or just make your account completely private?
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@GSWilson : Try asking the follower to kindly stop following. I was once asked that and happily fulfilled the request/wish.

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