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List of lessons per crown - French

I am in desperate need of a list of how many lessons are required for each crown on each skill. Often the first two crowns require 3 each, crowns 3-4 require around 16 each, and then 24 for crowns 4-5. But I need a list of exactly how many, as I have been manually assigning crown levels for fairness. (I can't assign 'level up' because then the students who are working on the first crown only need to do three lessons while the students who have four crowns need to complete eight times as many lessons. If y'all wanted to add that as a feature...).

If someone could point me in the direction of a list, I would very much appreciate it.

Mme B

March 12, 2019




Usually the lessons go in a ratio of 1:1:2:3:5. That is, suppose it takes 4 lessons to get to crown 1. Then usually there will be:

4 lessons to get to crown 2.
8 lessons to get to crown 3.
12 lessons to get to crown 4.
20 lessons to get to crown 5.

This makes a total of 48 lessons in that skill.

I’m not sure if all languages and skills follow this progression (always based on the # of lessons to get to crown 1), but it’s very common.


I think If you click on the "Curriculum" tab for your classroom under schools.duolingo.com you can see this. I can for Spanish, at least. It only shows the first few lessons in each level until/unless you click "show more." It also shows the vocabulary included in the lesson, which has allowed me to assign more targeted activities to my students.

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