"ʻO ka Pōʻahia ka lā ʻapōpō?"

Translation:What day of the week is tomorrow?

March 12, 2019

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What day (of the week) is tomorrow? = ʻO ka pōʻahia ka lā ʻapōpō?

Tomorrow is Thursday. = ʻO ka Pōʻahā ka lā ʻapōpō.


Curious as to why Po'ahia is capitalized? Is it always?

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I came here with the same question about capitalization of Po'ahia. And while I'm wondering, what is the meaning of the prefix Po'a?


Truth be told I have no idea about the answers. First caps I assume is similar to when we choose to use caps in English.

My best guess for the prefix was to look up “pō-“ in wehewehe wikiwiki…. Where it says…..

pō — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng,

  1. nvs., Night, darkness, obscurity; the realm of the gods; pertaining to or of the gods, chaos, or hell; dark, obscure, benighted; formerly the period of 24 hours beginning with nightfall (the Hawaiian “day” began at nightfall, cf. ao #1.) Figuratively, ignorance; ignorant.

The sentence about the 24 hours seems to be a possible answer.

He haumana au.


I think that this is an error, and that whoever created the database used to pull Hawaiian words out in Duolingo entered it originally in a context where it was the first word in an answer and so it was capitalized. I've noticed this with a few other words as well.


Que ce soit en hawaïen, en anglais et même en français il me semble que le futur serait préférable au présent de l'indicatif mais j'ignore tout du futur en hawaïen.


I’ll set enseigné dans les leçons ultérieures, vers la fin du premier bloc. En anglais nous dit “what day is it tomorrow”. Mau nō ka maikaʻi (best wishes).

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