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Impressed with Duolingo!

I am impressed with Duolingo! Not only did they add my suggested alternate English interpretation for a German word, but they also notified me by email a few days later that it had been accepted. I was pleasantly surprised.

I also like the new adjustment in XP for testing out...it certainly has leveled the playing field.

Overall, the pace of learning is perfect for me, and the practice sessions are appropriate as I advance in lessons.

Keep up the good work of relating to your community of learners! I could give you about 700 of my accumulated lingots :) :)

March 12, 2019


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Hey, what was the alternative that Duo accepted? We would all like to know, right Duo community?


The German word, 'passt' or 'passen', in reference to a location for a wedding. The acceptable translations in English were: 'fit' or 'suitable'. I typed 'appropriate' and Duo rejected it, so I suggested that my answer be accepted, and it was, just a few days later :)

Email from Duo:

You suggested “The site is appropriate for the wedding” as a translation for “Der Ort passt für die Hochzeit.” We now accept this translation. :)

Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up!

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Thanks for sharing. How would Der Ort ist für die Hochzeit geeignet work? For appropriate, I mean?


Sorry, my German isn't fluent enough to answer that. Perhaps a native German will respond.


i can't understand a thing of the german, french, or italian course


Maybe try only one language at a time? That's all I can handle.


I recommend you concentrate on one language only, that would definitely make things easier. German is hard to learn in any case, never mind two extra languages!

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