Class Lists

Is there a way to download an updated class list that includes all the student user names and passwords? I've added students to various classes and they are now in different PDF's.

I'd like to print out an updated list and can't seem to find how to do this.

I appreciate any help you can give me.

March 12, 2019


You can only print the passwords once, when you initially create the classroom. After that point, the only person who should know the passwords is the user themselves. You'll have to use the data on the original PDFs, sadly.

I appreciate your reply and sorry to hear I can't consolidate the lists as new students join the class.

Do you really need to keep a printed list? if you go to your classroom, you can click on the individual student to see their username. Then click "manage student" and you will get an option to reset a forgotten password. I use that at least once a week for one student or another.

I prefer to have a printed list with me since it's much faster to help a student log in if they forgot to record their log in details and I was hoping to be able to print an updated list when students are added to my class or when they leave instead of having to print several pages for each class as they need to be updated.

I volunteer in an orphanage and the orphanage also has a copy of the login details so it would get very complicated if I changed passwords.

I'm just going to make sure every student records their login details in their notebooks so they will have easy access to their accounts.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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