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Anyone learning Indonesian? Siapapun belajar Indonesia?

Hi there,

I am an English speaking Australian person looking for a learning buddy.

I'm wanting to organise a weekly skype chat where we speak only Indonesian. It doesn't have to be long we can set the call to 5 min to begin with and lengthen it as our skills improve.

I'd love to hear from any Indonesian speakers, even if you are learning English, we could still help each other.

With much kindness, Josephine

Saya orang Australia berbahasa Inggris mencari teman belajar.

Saya ingin mengatur skype chatting mingguan di mana kita berbicara hanya Indonesia.

Tidak perlu panjang kita dapat mengatur panggilan untuk 5 menit untuk memulai dan memanjangkan sebagai keterampilan kita meningkatkan.

Saya akan senang mendengar dari setiap speaker Indonesia, bahkan jika Anda belajar bahasa Inggris, kita masih bisa saling membantu.

Dengan banyak kebaikan, Josephine

March 13, 2019



Okay, I'm joining.


Hi Andhi.....where do you live? I live in Australia. Saya di mana Australia.


I come from Indonesia. Nice to meet you. Let's study together and create an interesting learning atmosphere!


Hi Aaron....where are you from? How are you finding English?


Salamat pagi. Can I add you and for now just chat via text? I'm still learning Thanks Tarima kasi


Yes of course! I would love that. Thank you.


Halo! I forgot I wrote this! I think I was expecting an email back or something.

I was just looking again to see if there was someone I could chat with and I found you guys! I am so excited. :) Are you all still learning English? Or Indonesian? Wow, some of you are learning lots of languages.

We are planning a move to Bali (as soon as the boarders re open) so I have been learning Indonesian for around 18 months now. It's going ok, but I really need to chat with people so I can learn in a conversational way. I'd be really happy to answer any English questions you might have?

For Indonesians learning English, I found this great YouTuber called Sacha Stevenson who is a Canadian woman living in Bali and she teaches English. Most of the videos are in Indonesian but she speaks enough English for me to get the gist of what's being said. She's very funny & creative. I learn a lot from her. She would be great for any Indonesians learning English.

For me the hardest part is not speaking Indonesian, as I have no one to practice with. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy learning!

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