Need more guidance on how to structure sentences in the question form

March 13, 2019

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I gotchu fam. क्या = What, कौन = Who, कहाँ = Where, कब = When, क्यों / क्यूँ = Why, कैसे = How, कौनसा = Which, किसका = Whose, कितना = How much/many. To form yes or no questions it's more or less the same sentences except that you'll put the word क्या at the start of the sentence. मैं बीमार हूँ = I am sick. क्या मैं बीमार हूँ? = Am I sick? With this method you will often hear क्या going at the end of the sentence instead of at the beginning, but it's the same meaning. When forming questions it's a good rule of thumb that the question word will go before the verb. यह है = This is, यह क्या है? = What is this? वह है = She is, वह कौन है? = Who is she? तुम कहाँ रहते हो? = Where do you live? वह कहाँ से है? = Where is he from? तुम मेरे घर कब आओगे? = When will you come to my house? तुम मुझसे नाराज़ क्यूँ हो? = Why are you mad at me? तुम कैसे हो? = How are you? तुम कैसे तैरते हो = How do you swim? कैसे, कौनसा, किसका, and कितना are a bit different, these are subject to change based on the gender and plurality of the object, ending in आ, ई, or ए. For example: मुझे वह पेंसिल दे दो = Give me that pencil, कौनसी पेंसिल? = Which pencil? तुम कैसी हो? = How are you? (Said to a female.) ये जूते किसके हैं? = Whose shoes are these? तुम कितना नमक चाहते हो? = How much salt do you want?

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