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"How many stubborn children are on the playground?"

Translation:ʻEhia keiki nuha ma ka pā pāʻani?

March 13, 2019



All the other sentences that talk about something being in a location use "aia". If the number had been an actual number, then "aia" would surely be correct. So why does the sentence not take "Aia" in this case. Is this something special about ‘ehia? Or is this an error and it should have been accepted with "Aia"?


Aia is optional in that case, and in fact, it is a bit of a mouthful with 'ehia after it. So it is dropped. In fact, in many cases, aia can be dropped as a general option, but this would affect the word order for the sentences.


ʻEhia keiki nuha ma ka pā pāʻani? = How many stubborn children are on the playgournd?

(possible answer) Aia ʻelima keiki nuha ma ka pā pāʻani. = There are five stubborn children on the playground.

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