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A Spotify playlist with Dutch songs!

(I hope this is the proper place to post this! If not, feel free to remove :) )

rolandduolingo had a brilliant idea in the French-from-English forum. He made an open Spotify playlist with easy-to-understand French songs that anyone can contribute to.

As I am learning Dutch, I thought maybe we could make one with Dutch songs as well, for those of us waiting for the Dutch-from-English course? I am especially looking forward to input from the Dutch speakers here :)

You can find it here.

Please contribute any songs in Dutch where the lyrics are not sung too fast so they can be understood by an intermediate learner without having to look up everything.

And yes, I am aware that the songs I have added already have a serious bias towards Flemish artists :) I really don't know a lot of artists from the Netherlands...

May 24, 2014

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Just added some songs, I personally love Maarten van Roozendaal, and I think ' Iedereen' is really easy to understand. Marco Borsato is one of the most famous singers here, so added him for cultural relevance. Acda en De Munnik carry the Amsterdam accent, just as/like (?) Andre Hazes. Guus Meeuwis is from the south, I think it wil sound less GHGHGHGGGHH to you. The lyrics of Hazes (and 'geef mij nu je angst' which is also Hazes') are not always 100 pct correct Dutch but hey neither is my English haha.

I'll keep adding songs :)


Thanks for your additions! To hear Amsterdam from someone actually from the area, fabulous! Is it only my impressions or do their accents get stronger over the course of the song? I really like that singers from the different Dutch-speaking areas sound so different. Almost all German singer-songwriters sing Hochdeutsch, I think... but I haven't actually paid a lot of attention to their accents.


Actually I think in Geef mij nu je angst only the first part with the zeg jij references are not 100% standard, but to me the rest looks to be perfect for language learners.


A word of warning concerning Bløf however [btw: note the ø doesn't actually exist in Dutch] for the purposes of this site: Their lyrics are well-known to be.. vague. If not at times nonsensical. So it's nice to familiarize yourself with the sound of the language and learn new words - but don't always expect to understand the meaning of the lyrics :)


Ingrthom's link (the full link appears to be wrong…clicking the one in ingrthom's post is better…) Sorry for the confusion. :)

To make a link: [text to display] (url) but no space between ] and (


Please don't complain too much about the quality of the songs, apparently a lot of Dutch songs are not primarily remembered because they are so good, but because we were having a good time while listening them. For the record, I also like good music like The Doors, Radiohead and Charly Lownoise Mental Theo. :P



Party music (bigger quality warning than for the rest in this list…)

And because the World Cup is coming up...


Well, thank you, this will give me enough Dutch music to listen to for quite a while!

Bots' Sieben Tage Lang is actually well-known in Germany as well :)

And I guess there is low-quality music everywhere, just as there are hidden gems everywhere! It's a guilty pleasure to listen to it every once in a while, isn't it?


Indeed, one needs to have them, if only to stimulate the diversity of music. :)

BTW if you've had enough of these, just let me know, I can point you to a lot more.


Ovide: jeugdsentiment :-)


You should also check out Gerard Joling. His songs are easy and cheerful :) Nice songs are 'Het is nog niet voorbij', 'Maar vanavond' and 'Echte vrienden'.


This thread also lists some Dutch songs and artists.


De Poema's - Houten Hart (The Pumas - Wooden Heart)

Veldhuis & Kemper - Ik wou dat ik jou was (Veldhuis & Kemper - I wish I was you)

Van Dik Hout - Stil in mij (From Thick Wood - Silent within me); Van Dik Hout comes from the Dutch expression 'van dik hout zaagt met planken.' Literally this translates as 'from thick wood you saw planks', and means as much as 'you lay in on thick.' When someone is overdoing something, you could comment 'van dik hout zaagt men planken.' Depending on your tone this could pretty well come across as a sarcastic sneer.

Andre Hazes - Zij gelooft in mij (Andre Hazes - She believes in me)

And a good reason not to listen to too many Dutch songs


This (true and funny) blog links to some songs with English subtitles.


Spotify Netherlands has an official playlist called Je Moers Taal (some kind of dialect for "je moeders taal" or "your mother's language"), which consists of almost 4 hours of music in Dutch.

They also have a playlist called Eigen Bodem with songs from Dutch artists that have gained popularity outside of our country. These are all songs in English, though.

Both playlist are still being updated with a new song or two every now and then.

And while the songs are probably a bit too childish for a lot of users, music from Kinderen voor Kinderen might be good practice for some of you. It's from an organization that makes loads of kids songs sung by kids (thus the name Kinderen voor Kinderen - children [singing] for children), the words are well-articulated and the subjects are simple and often have some kind of story. And there are over a hundred of them.


I know this is over 2 years ago but thank you for putting together a sound track on Spotify! i have just started to use it and i reckon it will be very helpful with pronunciations :D


Hi. You can't imagine what I went through to be allowed to ask this question... made a spotify account, had to install adobe, tried to find the songs, wanted to ask you how to find them on Spotify, and found out I have to make a duolingo account to ask, couldn't find my old account info and all user names seem taken... and then found out I have to level up to be allowed to discuss anything... arrrrghhhh.... calm __ breathe

So, please, could you tell me, how do I find your lovely list of Dutch language music on Spotify? I'm new to Spotify, but generally competent at finding things. This time I fail.


Go to the top, read the first opening of the discussion. You find it written in blue ( You can find it here). Click on it, then the Spotify link will appear to you, click on it and then enjoy the play list as I'm doing now


Thanks! I don't know why this didn't work yesterday. That link just brought me to the generic spotify homepage, but now it does load the playlist. Glad you spoke up, and that I tried again. :)


I just added a few songs. They are all pretty easy to understand (especially 'ben je geil of wil je een koekje', which is a really stupid But fun song) and are more of a rock style than the others already on the playlist, for fellow Nederlands learners who don't enjoy pop as much :P


I listen to guus meeuwis.


good idea. I have already followed the playlist.

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