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"L'ottavo mese dell'anno non è luglio."

Translation:The eighth month of the year is not July.

April 9, 2013



I don't think to say 'July is not the eighth month of the year' is wrong.


That's true, but in this case they want you to translate that exact sentence.


I wrote del anno instead of dell'anno (listening test). The correction said pay attention to the 'gender'. Surely anno is masculine? which would mean that del is correct? OR should it be dello because it starts with a vowel hence dell'anno?


Seems like you are getting a generic error message that's misleading. The better message would be "pay attention to spelling." With most masculine singular nouns, it's del, but if it's a masculine singular noun starting with a vowel, it's dell'.


Isn't should be accepted as well as is not


Why is "The eighth month of the year isn't July " marked wrong?


Eight not eighth is the correct spelling in English. DL English is not always good.


It is not a number, it is an order as in first, second, third, fourth...

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