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New added voices should be normal speed!

It is good that the Esperanto course is starting to add new voices. Hearing multiple people speaking the language is important. BUT, what is getting to me is the speaking slowly, like you're enunciating to a child, that is happening with these new added user voices. It really makes me want to turn the volume to mute! Natural spoken speed is the best route to go in learning a language - and that is any language. It's how you learned your native first language. Leave this slow speak to classroom specific settings! Please, get those slow speak recordings replaced, so that I'm not tempted further to press that mute button - like I already do with Memorize Esperanto courses (terrible pronunciation some of them!). The original male voice on Duolingo Esperanto is right on point! More fluent voices of both genders speaking like him would be great! Are those who control this process listening to forum feedback?

March 14, 2019



I see a lot of comments to the contrary, but I agree with you. The goal is to understand natural Esperanto - not super-slow Esperanto. I saw your comment in another thread and passed it along to my contacts on the team.


I totally concur. The original male voice is the most pleasing to listen to because if flows so well. It makes a much better model to emulate when practicing speaking aloud. If I don't catch the meaning of the audio because I can't keep up with it, I can listen to it over and over again if need be. I am sure this has helped me to develop better listening skills.


Exactly, Patty. Hear it, hear it again, then look at the words, strive to understand the sentence/phrase, say it, then listen to it again. Touch the words you're unsure of and return to the above. Take your time. Not only does this train you to hear and understand normal speech, but it teaches you to think in the language, as well. The beauty of Duolingo is that it allows you the freedom to tailor your learning experience to fit your learning style. And for some of us, at least, the objective of learning is achieving actual fluency.


+1. The first speaker was often criticised for his occasional mistakes, but his contributions sound very natural and the audio quality is good. I hope that the new speakers will get less tense/more relaxed with experience.


I'm not a fan of the audio quality of the new voices around where I'm at in the course. It does make it hard to hear if I'm not wearing earphones. I like the pace of the original male voice, but I am not opposed to slow enunciation, either. I get annoyed when it's too fast and everything runs together. I'm happy to get along at a medium pace, but I'm not ready for fast yet.


I seems like they are working on it. At least the audio quality of the more recent recordings of the "lady in the bathroom" has improved a lot.


But it is classroom specific settings! With people pronouncing words differently it is very hard (for me) to understand anything at normal speed at this point.

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