"Kēhau plays video games at home."

Translation:Pāʻani wikiō ʻo Kēhau ma ka hale.

March 14, 2019

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I get that the lesson is that "play video games" is a verb phrase, but could pā'ani 'o kēhau i nā pā'ani wikiō ma ka hale" be correct?


‘Ae / Yes. Absolutely ! Maika‘i e KarinLynn !


I just gave you a lingot! (although I think you have quit Duo :( ?) because I coincidentally (or not) was just about to post the exact same comment as before (but luckily I read this first), five months later! Your answer emboldens me to mark my answer as "should be accepted" - mahalo!!


I put “Pā’ani ‘o Kēhau i nā pā’ani wikiō ma ka hale” and it was marked as incorrect, so I guess they’re really wanting us to write it as a verb phrase.


Apparently so but your answer should still be marked correct. Please report it if you get it again.


shouldn't it be "ma kona hale"? Ma ka hale means in the house, at home means in his house, not in any random house.


Shouldn’t it be “home”, not “hale”? “Ma ka hale” is “at the house”, which could be anyone’s house, but we’re told it’s specifically “at HOME”, presumably Kēhau’s home.


why can not be " i ka hale"?


I'm sure it can be. Is it possible you made some other error? Did you report it? Do you have a screen shot?


It can. Report it as your answer is possible.


E kala mia. Why is it not “e pa’ani wikio”?


Putting the word E at the beginning makes it a command instead of a general statement about what she does.

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