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Setting specific assignments - topics not unlocking for all students in classroom.

Good morning,

When setting a specific assignment for my students to complete (eg. the 'food' topic and the 'groceries' section), the topics aren't unlocking for all students. Most of my class can access the topics, despite not having reached them, but 5 or 6 students can't and their topics are surrounded by a grey box and the areas are locked. They are all working on a school set of iPads.

I've tried setting multiple assignments, they have logged in and out, they have left and rejoined the classroom... and we're stuck for ideas!

Any help to fix these issues and unlock the assignments for these students would be greatly appreciated! Ryan

March 14, 2019

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I accidentally discovered a temporary fix to this... They don't have to complete all the skills/lessons leading up to an assignment, but they do have to achieve whatever LEVEL the assignment is on. So if the assignment is on the intermediate (2nd or 3rd) level, students will have to test out at the checkpoint for level 1 OR complete all the activities up to the checkpoint to complete the LEVEL before the skill you assigned.

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