Simple Spanish Rules

I need help remembering simple spelling rules in Spanish. I keep messing up on words like "una, un" and "el, la, los, las" in English we only have one word for the so it gets very confusing for me. Also when I have to make things plural and change the verb when it's a boy/girl. Thanks in advance.

P.S to whoever is learning Spanish to English maybe we can help each other out, like language buddies IDK... :)

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No soy muy bueno explicando.. pero te dejo unos ejemplos:

El artículo definido o determinado


El: (masculine).. el hombre (the man), el libro (the book)..

LA: (femenine) la niña (the girl), la manzana(the apple).


LOS (masculine) los hombres(the men)...los niños(the boys)..

LAS (femenine).. the apples(las manzanas).. las sillas (the chairs)

El artículo indefinido o indeterminado

UN :(masculine).. un hombre (a man)... un mesero (a waiter)..

UNA: (femenine), una puerta (a door), a pear(una pera).. una cama(a bed),,,..

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Quizás un sitio interesante para ti. No teoría, pero ejercicios con corrección inmediate. Para mí el mejor método para aprender la gramatica: ¡Buena suerte!

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Take a look at

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  1. The male nouns usually end in "o" and the female nouns usually end in "a"

    • EL perrO (the male dog) | LOS perrOs (the male dogs)

    • LA perrA (the female dog) | LAS perrAs (the female dogs)

    • EL caminO (the way) | LOS caminOs (the ways)

    • LA rutA (the route) | LAS rutAs (the routes)

    • UN perrO (a male dog) | UNOS perrOs (a male dogs)

    • UNA rutA (a route) | UNAS rutAs (a routes)

  2. When a masculine noun ends in a consonant, you add an "a" to make it a feminine noun.

    • The teacher => EL profesor (male) | LA profesorA (female)
  3. There is many exceptions so that many times is necessary to learn each case.

Greeting from Chile :)

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Thank you for writing this in English!

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I hope that you understand me. If you need help, you write me :)

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