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Questions: For people on Duolingo who are learning more than TWO LANGUAGES.

  1. What's your native language?
  2. Which language do you enjoy learning the most?
  3. Do you find any language you're learning more difficult than others?
  4. Can you hold a conversation in a language you're learning?
  5. How do you motivate yourself to learn multiple languages?

Edit: Shout out to everyone who answered my questions I didn't know I was going to get many responds. It's very interesting to know what languages people are learning and what motivates them to continue!

March 15, 2019


  1. English
  2. Indonesian
  3. Italian, Irish, and Japanese.
  4. For Indonesian yes, for the others not as much.
  5. I just try my best and push forward.

  1. English
  2. Esperanto
  3. Russian
  4. Yes (Japanese, Esperanto)
  5. I don't need motivation, I just need more time.

  1. Indonesian
  2. Japanese, French, and Hungarian
  3. All of them have different weirdness that makes them difficult...
  4. For the first two, I think so. For the others, nope.
  5. I love languages in general, so that's my primary source of motivation. If you ask for how I motivate myself to keep learning those languages and not abandoning them in a week, it's mainly because the country/culture. Besides, learning (or at least knowing) more languages means more unlocked regions of the world and the internet so...


1) Español. 2) Italiano y francés. 3) Alemán. 4) En inglés creería que si. En ruso podría mantener una conversación pero cometiendo muchos errores. En italiano y portugués necesito aprender más vocabulario. En Alemán y francés aún no, ni siquiera una conversación elemental; la pronunciación es mi talón de Aquiles. 5) La satisfacción personal que produce ir entendiendo día a día un poco más de cada lenguaje, algo que al principio parece imposible de lograr.


Underrated comment actually

  1. Azerbaijani and Turkish.
  2. French and Russian
  3. Yes. French is harder than Russian, in my opinion.
  4. I can have a simple conversation in Russian.
  5. I listen to motivational songs.

  1. Finnish
  2. Italian
  3. Yes, Russian
  4. Sure (in English and clumsily in Italian)
  5. It's a hobby that I enjoy, so I don't really need to motivate myself to do it

  1. Indonesian and Chinese.

  2. Russian.

  3. I personally find Japanese hard (ironic because I'm fluent in Chinese). I'll pause it until I have the time to process it.

  4. In very very simple sentences (I want to go to the toilet, thanks, bye, and such)

  5. I want to be the coolest guy in my class. Just kidding. I want to be able to understand it.

  1. English
  2. Swedish
  3. Spanish and Irish
  4. I can have a really simple conversation in Spanish, but that's it
  5. Idk, I just do it because it's helpful to learn different languages

  1. English
  2. Urgh. I can't pick. They all have their own pros and cons!
  3. Again, a toughie. But the harder ones are probably ones that don't use the Latin alphabet.
  4. Italian, sort of. I need to try more and practice on that, though.
  5. By finding reasons to do so :) (ex. talking with someone, reading a book, watching a movie, etc.)

  1. Native language is english.
  2. Enjoy learning Korean the most. It's just so different from what I'm used to. Love ittttt.
  3. Polish is my current fascination and it's definitely the hardest right now (SPELLING!!), but still super fun.
  4. I'm currently living in the French-speaking part of Belgium and I can verrrrrry briefly understand cashiers and post carriers. XD It is pretty sad, tbh.
  5. Well, right now I'm very stressed in general, so language learning is my go-to de-stressing activity! So motivation aplenty, at the moment. In better times, I do bullet journal spreads to keep focused. For French, which is my least favourite language to learn (longest experience with it combined with it being actually useful in my life means my brain is like, lol, whatever French), I usually make myself do French first, and then move on to other more fun things if I still have focus left to burn.


Here's a lingot for the "Well, right now I'm very stressed in general, so language learning is my go-to de-stressing activity" and the "bullet journal spreads to keep focused"

  1. Russian
  2. All languages that I learn :)
  3. Korean
  4. Yes in English and, maybe, a simple talk in Czech
  5. I don't motivate myself cuz learning languages is very relaxing and lovely to me

  1. Filipino
  2. French
  3. Yes, Korean specifically, it has the hardest alphabet I've ever encountered. Arabic is way easier.
  4. Nobody in my class or school speaks French, but I have a friend who speaks Spanish. We sometimes talk in Spanish.
  5. I motivate myself learning Chinese because when I don't, I can't speak Chinese when China comes to invade us.


Lol. Interesting that you say there are a lot of Chinese in Philippines.


In the Philippines?

  1. English

  2. Spanish

  3. Polish

  4. Irish

  5. Streaks help, waiting in waiting rooms or for kids at activities, music lessons.


Irish is very hard.


I agree, and Irish is most of my hearatige.


Almost all of mine!


1) Czech 2) Probably Japanese, but it changes a lot 3) yes - Japanese. The grammar isn't hard for me but kanji is difficult 4) maybe a simple talk in Dutch/Russian 5) I don't know honestly. It makes me motivated when I understand something in one of the languages

  1. English
  2. Currently Welsh and Korean.
  3. Yes, quite a few. I think Arabic (outside of Duo) and Welsh are the two harder ones I’ve seriously pursued so far. (Even harder than Japanese or Mandarin!)
  4. I can have an in-depth conversation in Spanish, a simple conversation in Swedish and Italian, and I can exchange pleasantries and basic information in some other languages. I can also understand quite a bit of Portuguese and Norwegian but I cannot speak properly in either.
  5. I just like languages, I want to know a lot about them.

  1. English (American)
  2. Hmm, that probably depends on which day you ask me! Some days, it's French because I feel most confident and have the most experience in that language, but I'm already long since done with that tree and am awaiting being upgraded to the fourth tree. Other days, it has been one of the others.
  3. Yes: of the ones I am still learning, German. I did alpha testing for Korean some while ago, and I didn't put any outside effort into that (e.g. did not use other resources and was not already at all familiar with Korean), so that was harder at the time.
  4. Certainly in French. I have had more limited conversations in Spanish and a couple of times in Italian.
  5. If by "motivate myself" you mean what techniques do I use, the main one is that I just don't let myself miss a day. And I don't do every language every day, because that would be a mess. I also use external resources such as podcasts (Duolingo does have Spanish podcasts too, and I've listened to those and am looking forward to another season of them). Finally, I remind myself that no way am I going to make what feels like constant and steady progress every single day/week, but if I just keep at it, I will in fact make progress. On the other hand, if by "motivate myself" you mean what are my personal reasons for doing it, there are a few: wanting to keep my brain active because I intend to live to be a very healthy old person if I can help it; having said some years ago in some silly icebreaker game that a goal of mine was to speak 5 languages and I am not there yet, ahem; being convinced that it's generally a good thing to have some competence beyond one's native language; and just having discovered a certain interest and aptitude for language back in high school.


You are the first person I have seen (other than myself to specify what kind of English you're speaking! Love it! When I say that everyone gets confused.... :)


hmmm that makes three of us!!!


I honestly don't even know what type of English I speak, it flows between eloquent Shakesperian and back into slang so often )))


1) English (UK)

2) Italian (Not doing Polish and Spanish at the moment)

3) I think Hungarian has more content than the others, but not necessarily harder

4) - German (Yes, decent) - Italian (Yes, quite a bit) - Dutch and Hungarian (Yes, only a little bit)

5) I just listen to a lot of the stuff in the target languages, and linking everything to things I like doing!

  1. Korean
  2. Spanish, I think because it is easy. I learn Russian, Chinese and Japanese too.
  3. Russian
  4. In Spanish yes, in other languages not yet. But my Russian definitely is getting improved!
  5. I love traveling and learning new way of thinking. When I get too tired to do Duolingo I think of the places that I want to go next time.

  1. Russian
  2. Italian
  3. The grammar of German seems to be a little bit complicated. @_@ That's kind of irony since grammar in Russian is not easier.
  4. I can speak quite well in English. My grammar still isn't perfect though (mostly my mistakes come from the way of thinking in native language so I can miss articles since we don't use them, forget to use verbs because it's acceptable in Russian and so on). Can speak in German just a little (learned it in University actually but didn't use language for few years so forgot almost everything), and still a very beginner in Italian.
  5. I do not really need motivation, I just learn what I like. Though I plan to live abroad so that can be kind of motivation since I will need to use language in daily life.

  1. Czech
  2. Norwegian
  3. French, because of the pronunciation. But it could be worse :)
  4. Spanish - yes. Norwegian - probably. French - no. (Assuming it's spoken conversation.)
  5. I don't need motivation. I simply like it.

  1. English
  2. Depends on my mood, as I alternate between languages (NOT working on Klingon atm)
  3. To break it down, two languages are very similar (Italian and French), which makes that difficult; then there's three others (Czech, Irish and Welsh) that I need to take more time on due to me having no prior experience with them at all.
  4. Fairly well in German (but I'm a far cry from fluent), a slower and more tedious one in Latin; not so much in the others (but I'm working on it!).
  5. Mainly curiosity. But I also just love languages in general, which more often than not provides motivation enough.

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.

  1. Russian
  2. All of them but in different sense
  3. Yes, definetely. If the language is far from languages you already know it's really hard. If it has different grammar it is also harder. For me all Slavic, Germanic and Romance languages are easier than for example Chinese or Korean due to phonetics and writing systems, and Uralic languages(like Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian) are grammaticaly difficult.

4&5. I just like languages a lot Honestly I don't speak all of them fluently right now. For example I use English and Italian a lot at the moment, I need some time to get into Spanish or Portugese conversation, but I've almost forgot Finnish because I used to use it a lot but last time it was more than ten years ago. I still remember some basics, like greetings, I can order some food and drinks but definitely lost conversation skills and need way more time to restore it. And frankly at the moment I have no motivation to recover it because I haven't visit Finland for years and I don't have Finnish friends

  1. English
  2. Spanish, German, and Catalan are by far the easiest (studying Spanish for 3 years in school, started German 4-ish years ago, Catalan is very similar to Spanish). That’s enjoyable just because I generally get most if not all correct. Chinese, Russian, Hindi are difficult and fun when I get something right. Arabic is with them. I’m not very into French and find it a little harder than Spanish/German/Catalan because of that but it’s one of the UN languages so I’m going to be at least proficient in it.
  3. Kinda answered that in #2. From easiest to hardest: Spanish, Catalan, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Hindi. (Arabic will probably be at the bottom once the course is available, as it seems my “easier” languages are ones that I have more experience with but I have a better grasp of the alphabet than I do of the Hindi alphabet)
  4. In Spanish, I can in text. If it was just small talk and the other person is patient enough I could probably handle that while speaking.
  5. I do minimum of one lesson a day in each language. I also try to do a word search in Hindi and Arabic everyday. I’m working on doing a skill in each language every day but to do so I need to do my duolingo at a time that isn’t right before I go to bed. I’m also working on transitioning to reading/writing/speaking/listening in Spanish without translations. My birthday is coming up and I think I’m going to have a goal to be able to effectively communicate in Spanish by my next birthday.

  1. English
  2. Overall Spanish and Japanese, from previous studies. From just Duolingo French and Danish.
  3. I am rubbish at Korean lol
  4. I can, and have, in Spanish and Japanese, but again, those are languages I studied elsewhere prior.
  5. I make myself up a lesson plan for the month and create daily goals.



Enjoy Spanish the most.

I find German difficult. It's my problem child.

I'm fluent in French and Japanese, and can have limited conversations in Spanish. German not so much.

Motivation is easy. I enjoy languages.


1- Arabic is my native
2- Japanese
3- Yea i find German difficult
4- I can in German
5- I don't need to , it's very good and relaxing

  1. English
  2. Welsh
  3. Polish
  4. A bit in French
  5. I find it fun, and I tell myself that if I don't learn French then I'll just fail my French GCSE.

  1. English (and Chinese, though I've lost most of it over the years)
  2. hard to say, but I am partial to Slavic languages. perhaps in general I'd say Polish, Norwegian bokmål, Ukranian, Icelandic, and Farsi
  3. languages that rely on cases often throw me for a loop, such as Polish, German, Russian, Finnish, and Hungarian. Greek also gives me issues with some of its irregular forms
  4. French (having six or so years formal education), Japanese (N3-ish level), Spanish to a degree, very basic Chinese
  5. languages are a side passion of mine, so motivation comes fairly easily. I'm also surrounded by multicultural friends and family, and it's pretty fun to have conversations with them in their native tongues, which provides another reason to keep learning

  1. French
  2. Arabic, Danish, Portuguese
  3. Maybe German and Greek
  4. Yes in English. Simple conversations in Danish and Spanish.
  5. I don't need to motivate myself. I really love languages. Being able to read and understand other languages is just a wonderful feeling.

  1. English
  2. Japanese
  3. Tok Pisin, mainly because there aren't resources like Duolingo for it
  4. Yes, Spanish
  5. I've always loved language and it just comes naturally, I guess. It's fun as I often learn as much about English as the other languages in the process.


Tok Pisin?? Sounds Asian tbh.


It's a pidgin language from Papua New Guinea :)


Do you somehow related to Papua New Guinea? Or it's just curiosity? Just interesting why are you learning Tok Pisin?

  1. German

  2. Swedish

  3. Definitely Japanese, especially because of the writing.

  4. In Polish and English I can, I'd like to have one in Swedish and see if I could.

  5. I simply love languages. I want to understand animes in their "native" language. For Polish I just want to talk to my family in Poland and especially with my grandma who does not speak German at all.

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. I find Russian significantly harder than Spanish and French
  4. Yeah in Spanish
  5. I currently want to have a career involving languages in the future.

  1. English
  2. I enjoy them all.
  3. They are all hard at first till you know more.
  4. No. Possibly French but I've never tried.
  5. I don't know.

  1. English
  2. Swedish. Probably because of personal connections to it..
  3. The Slavic languages are harder for me. I have not been exposed to them as much.
  4. I can converse in Swedish, German, and French, although more limited in French. I am beginning to be able to converse in Norwegian as well.
  5. German no longer seems very foreign to me. Swedish is also pretty familiar and Norwegian is easy with knowledge of Swedish. I am, admittedly, not as motivated in Dutch. I think it is a little harder to be motivated in a language unless there is a corresponding cultural connection and interest. Maybe studying Czech or Dutch culture would help! I am really trying to really use my basic languages and broaden my fluency in them. The others I might work on more as time allows later!

  1. Persian
  2. Spanish
  3. Chinese
  4. Yes, I can hold conversations in English, German and maybe Russian.
  5. I need no motivation; I enjoy learning languages and cultures.

  1. English (American)
  2. French, sometimes the words seem beautiful just the way they are pronounced even if it doesn't mean something beautiful
  3. finding German far more difficult than French or Spanish (I get lulled into thinking I know it because a lot of the nouns are similar to English and then I realize that I haven't mastered the grammar AT ALL); "tried out" Swahili and Polish and not pursuing them for now, and Polish was also very difficult for me
  4. not really, I can read Spanish and French fairly well but I can't listen fast enough for normal conversation! Can communicate some in Spanish within limited topics (in the medical field and can ask about cough, fever, parts of the body; also attend a church that has English and Spanish side by side in books for Bible readings, etc.)
  5. It is my hobby and a special treat when I have finished my required work (would not do it if the languages felt like work to me)

  1. My native language is English.

  2. When I was juggling Spanish and Portuguese I preferred Portuguese. Now I'm juggling Japanese and Italian and I prefer Italian.

  3. Yes, definitely. I'm not very good with languages that don't use the English alphabet, i.e. Russian, Hebrew, Greek, Ukrainian, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese. I'm also not great with Klingon because it's intentionally a grammatical nightmare, I'm not great with Polish because they have a vowel shortage, and I'm definitely not great with Vietnamese because it always seems like they decorate their letters.

  4. I'm almost fluent in Spanish, but that's because I've been taking four years of real-life Spanish classes at my school in addition to the Duolingo course. For Portuguese, I've only used Duolingo and I find that I can have a competent conversation after having completed the course. I'm certainly not fluent but I can hold my own given the circumstances.

  5. I've tried juggling all of my courses at once and it's impossible. That's why I stick with just a few at a time - as I said earlier, right now those few are primarily Japanese and secondarily Italian. I enjoy having a bunch of courses started because it looks cool to have all those flags by my username in the forums, but on a more serious note because I can jump around to a different language for a few days if I want to. Japanese has been tricky recently, so I've done some Russian, some Catalan, some French, some Esperanto, etc. I also get motivation from my streak; I know it's irrelevant to most people but I've learned the hard way that if I lose that streak it'll be weeks or months before I even start trying to build it back again. And the XP is also nice since the levels serve as good metrics of progress. (Hence why I've been up in arms about the change to testing.)


1.English 2.Spanish 3. Hindi 4.In Spanish sort of 5.I tell myself that if my sister is going to Columbia than : Yo hablas Espanol

  1. Romanian
  2. Swedish
  3. Irish
  4. Swedish, maybe not very grammarly but...
  5. I like to travel so is the most usefull motivation.

  1. German
  2. Right now it's Klingon, but it changes regularly.
  3. Of course. As a German native speaker, other Germanic languages are easy for me. Since I speak French on a high level, Romance languages also tend to be easy. With other languages, I tend to struggle at least a little with vocab and usually the different structures.
  4. Yes, in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and Dutch.
  5. I want to learn the languages, that's all the motivation I really need.

  1. My native language is English
  2. Korean
  3. Currently the most difficult is trying not to get confused between them.
  4. Basic in Korean, not so much others yet.
  5. I love learning languages so not much motivation is needed, but when I do ill watch something in the language I'm struggling with to remind myself why I love it so much and wanted to learn it in the first place :)

  1. English
  2. German.
  3. Navajo. It's so different from anything
  4. German yes. Only because I've been learning it for 7 years. Spanish, Navajo, Greek - not anything substantial. I could probably say Hi, how are you. There are eels on my hovercraft. Basic A1 things.
  5. I usually tell myself that learning as much as I can will eventually lead to my dream job. I'm a videoographer, but I want to travel the world. Learning any language I can could possibly help.


What company do you work for, or do you do it just for fun?


I work within several groups at the moment. Either through my school or the city of Detroit. Lately, I've been getting jobs because I know a person who knows someone who needs something done for them.


But also for fun. I just enjoy making things.


Me to. I am a Photographer, for fun.

  1. English.

  2. Spanish.

  3. Polish because of its monstrous consonant clusters and multitude of cases, but I still enjoy learning it.

  4. I'm decent with Spanish, although it has to be spoken slowly enough that I can parse it. I might not understand every word but I can get the gist of what is said.

  5. Being in semi-regular contact with speakers of Afrikaans, Spanish, Tagalog, Korean, German (multiple dialects), Greek, Ukrainian, etc., there's no shortage of motivation to learn languages. (I generally try to learn a word or a phrase of a native language spoken by someone I meet who speaks English as a second language.)

  1. English
  2. German and Swedish
  3. Turkish and German are pretty hard. I'm basically brand new to Turkish though, so maybe it will get easier. German though, i've been studying for a while so i doubt it'll get any easier haha.
  4. Very very basic ones in French and German
  5. I think about how I want to travel and how cool it will be to speak these languages fluently!





. Yes, I can hold decent conversations in Spanish

. Research travel destinations, history, arts, and culture of different countries.


1.What's your native language?


2.Which language do you enjoy learning the most?

Spanish is the language I'm finding the most enjoyable.

3 Do you find any language you're learning more difficult than others?

Yes! Hawaiian is very hard. Although my goal isn't to become fluent in Hawaiian, I want to at least finish the Duo tree. Spanish is comparatively easy. German ranks as 2nd easiest language for me.

4.Can you hold a conversation in a language you're learning?

I can hold a discussion in Spanish. Although I wouldn't be able to hold advanced conversation, I think I know enough to introduce myself and get to know general info about the person I'm meeting.

5.How do you motivate yourself to learn multiple languages?

Keeping a positive attitude! Too often I see posts that say "i'm through! Spanish is too hard"! Those people are the losers. They have come to language learning all excited and gradually lost their enthusiasm. Why? I believe because they never set a goal for themselves, they were distracted by other pleasures and as soon as things went from peachy to "down in the dumps", they gave up. Hang in there, keep a positive attitude, set goals and have fun!


Good questions! 1. English 2. Dutch 3. Italian (ugh, everything is gendered!) 4. I can get by in Spanish speaking countries if they also know a bit of English. 5. Travel

  1. Spanish 2.French 3.no 4.skipping four 5.focusing


1 Spanish 2 Portuguese 3 No 4 Yes in Portuguese, in Italian i'm still learning the basics. 5 I look for content i find interesting in my target language

  1. Korean
  2. Chinese or Japanese
  3. English
  4. Yes. I can speak in English. currently studying a bachelor's degree in English
  5. DUO is the best tool to motivate myself. Especially the reward system such as the level is the best motivator.


English Hawaiian Norwegian Basic in Esperanto, but I rarely ever get the chance I love learning languages. I'm practically obsessed with this idea that it's possible to communicate to people who don't know my language themselves; to be able to call things by different names and have different sentence structures seems so much like a fantasy that I desire - and it's one I can get! I have found I have a natural talent for picking up languages, so it isn't terribly hard. Of course, that doesn't man I'm good at all of it, there will always be challenges and I will always be improving, but I have an entire bundle of years' wonderment draw to keep me motivated. And I've always wanted to be seen as smart and this is a great way to do that. Even knowing hardly anything in another language is seen as amazing where I live.


Oops, that didn't turn out right. 1. English 2. Hawaiian 3. Norwegian (so far) 4. Basic in Esperanto 5. The rest of my post. ;)

  1. English
  2. Hawaiian (I am studying Hawaiian, Spanish and Japanese every day, others less frequently - about 50 points per per day for each language -- about 1 to 1 1/2 hours of study each day)
  3. Hawaiian is the most difficult of the 4 I am studying
  4. I can hold conversations in Spanish, Japanese and German (but I already knew these languages to some extent, not quite yet in Hawaiian
  5. The knowledge I am beginning to understand a lot of the common phrases I grew up with and even detect where loan words in Hawaiian came from

  1. Chinese, English
  2. German, Japanese
  3. Japanese by far the hardest but still leaning it faster than Korean.
  4. Probably German, very very simple stuff in Japanese
  5. Purely intrinsic motivation. I know lots of people who can speak other languages. It helps me at work.


1) English 2) Spanish 3) Russian and Hindi most difficult 4) Can hold conversation in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian 5) I don't, I concentrate on one language at a time until I get bored and switch to the next



  1. Irish

  2. Spanish

  3. Chinese

  4. Yes, my sister is almost fully fluent, so i can practice on her.

  5. I don't really need to. Duo is so awesome, that learning the languages motivates myself.

Thank you for making me think about this! i should of thought about this before i saw this.

  1. English
  2. Irish
  3. French
  4. Not yet.
  5. I find it interesting.

  1. English 2. French 3. Yes, Chinese 4. Yes, French 5. I just do it XD


1.Native language: English (American) and Greek 2.Most enjoy learning: It depends on what I am reading or watching at the moment! 3.More difficult: it was Turkish until I learned the basis for the structure (thank you LanguageTransfer), now it is German with the precision and the cases, but I think I will have a very hard time w. Arabic and Japanese (next year) None the less, I love every language on this planet (and others!) 4. Holding a conversation...probably at a very basic level 5. I need to motivate myself to NOT get involved. Learning languages is a beautiful diversion and an even more beautiful way to understand others.


What a nice poll...Here's a lingot for you!

  1. English
  2. Russian because of #3
  3. Russian because it's different from anything else, but it's interesting because it has weird flavors of latin and japanese that pop up
  4. german and japanese but these are the ones I've known the longest and actually studied in school the most
  5. I get bored just doing one thing so it's much more fun to do multiple languages every day. Sometimes I will do timed practices and switch languages every time.

  1. English 2. French Hindi! It has a very complex phonology to get your head around before you can really start 3. Mais oui ! 4. I just enjoy learning languages. :)


I am a native English speaker. I am learning Spanish, Norweigan, and German mostly, with siding in Portuguese, Chinese, and French. I enjoy learning Spanish the most because I know it very well, and it sticks in my brain the best. I find Chinese the hardest, then German, then Portuguese, French, Norweigan, then Spanish. I could hold a conversation in Spanish, but not in any other language (besides English). I motivate myself because I want to be an interpreter later in life. I know I have to keep going, plus it is fun for me. I loved answering your questions.

  1. Dutch

  2. I'd say in this order: Portuguese - Italian - German - Spanish - French. I've left out languages that I haven't looked at in recent times. I've also left out English since I'm not really learning it anymore - can't really say that I've ever actively studied it either :P.

  3. Mandarin > French > Italian / Spanish > Portuguese > German > Afrikaans

  4. I'd say no. My English vocabulary should roughly be as expansive as a native, yet my spoken English isn't always fluent (strongly depends on who I'm speaking to). I need to master a language to quite a high extent before I'm able to hold a conversation.

  5. I don't have to as long as there are no annoying things distracting me.

  1. English
  2. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  3. I probably can't hold a conversation just yet. I can understand some songs and tv shows. My strength is reading and writing in spanish, but speaking on point isn't.
  4. I think of it as a brain exercise, our brain controls everything we do. If we strengthen our brain, we strengthen our body and our brain power. I also love learning about different cultures, I want to travel as often as possible and make friends around the world. Think of language learning like a survival skill similar to cooking and self-defense. I could be a humanitarian and discuss refugee and immigration issues. I really want to help out in anyway I can, learning a language or two will help me do just that!


Hi Athyrara! AP4418

  • What's your native language?

English and Afrikaans.

  • Which language do you enjoy learning the most?

Now: Spanish
A few weeks ago: French
A few months ago and still: German

  • Do you find any language you're learning more difficult than others?

Yes! French is harder than the others, probably because I like the others better, although French is beautiful too.

  • Can you hold a conversation in a language you're learning?

A basic conversation (I think intermediate) in German.

  • How do you motivate yourself to learn multiple languages?

I don't motivate myself that much. The motivation comes, and when it stops, I stop. (But to keep my streak I sometimes need to force myself to that lesson button...)

Have a nice day! :D

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. German is harder than Spanish
  4. A slow conversation in Spanish
  5. I think that it is a cool skill to have to be able to speak multiple languages.

  1. English.
  2. German.
  3. Japanese is a lot harder, but mostly because of the Kanji.
  4. Yes, to a certain extent. My listening and reading comprehension is a lot better than my speaking ability though.
  5. I find languages very interesting & fun so that keeps me going.


1 Native tongue is English. I am learning Spanish, French and German 2 I guess I enjoy learning German the most - and noticing the similarities to English. 3 - I find French difficult because of all the silent letters, and German difficult because of word order. 4 - I might be able to hold a child-like SLOW conversation in Spanish, but it also is easier for me since I took Spanish in high school, a few decades ago! 5 - Part of my motivation to learning multiple languages is to be able to absorb more when I travel. I got back into Spanish because I was about to take a trip there, and now I am hoping to make a trip to France in the future. Then I just wanted to learn German. One of the things that I enjoy most is finding similarities between languages, and learning about my own language (English) at the same time.


1.) English

2.) Spanish

3.) French

4.) Spanish

5.) I just keep telling myself about the rewards I will achieve at the end. Speaking, reading, writing, translating, listening. Understanding.

  1. mi lengua nativa es el ingles
  2. English : ) (it seems that I should have paid attention better in English classes).
  3. Chinese (I need a friend to help me learn)
  4. En espanol, apenas/barely
  5. Lo hago un juego/I make it a game, and switch if I start to feel frustrated

  1. English
  2. Italian
  3. Italian
  4. Nope 5.Why not

  1. English
  2. Changes daily
  3. Chinese I haven't been going very long with them (and Japanese I could already speak). I just couldn't decide - but revisiting some, keen to visit other countries. I just know it takes a lot of work, but I really want to be able to speak to more people, so I just keep at it. Most days I do 2 or 3 of each language.

  1. English.
  2. Norwegian, because the Duolingo course is really well designed and I have found some deeply congenial supplemental materials. Also Icelandic (the University of Reykjavik has a few online courses), because it's fiddly and fun and you get to use very cool letters.
  3. I have been learning Irish for three years, and I have virtually given up hope of ever attaining even A1. I still insist on slamming my head against it daily, to no avail, and in fact I toy with the idea that the future tense was created to torment me personally.
  4. I can keep up my end of a conversation with a French person of moderate tolerance and goodwill. I managed a couple of Norwegian conversations in Oslo too, but usually at the slightest sign of difficulty folks switched to English.
  5. I'd learned French from about age three, so it was there anyway, and then I became a fan of a few Norwegian shows, and really deciding to learn that felt like the big step. After I was on Duolingo, adding more was like, well, why not? There are cool things in all of the languages, and I do want to work abroad, and I have a lot of unstructured time during which I am trying to make myself more employable, so it makes sense to learn as many as I can. Really the big challenge is keeping them apart in my head. And, well, pushing through on the weekends now.

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Polish
  4. Yes, if it's not too fast.
  5. Concentrating on Spanish only for now.

  1. Czech
  2. Spanish probably as I'm not really 'learning' English anymore
  3. German, I forget the grammar too quickly
  4. In English easily, German is a little basic but otherwise fine...and in Spanish probably nothing much
  5. I'm learning English and German at school so motivation doesn't really matter there, as for Spanish I find learning it relaxing...but some of my reasons to begin were: travelling, languages make you a more valuable employee, being multilingual is pretty damn cool

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. Russian

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. Russian
  4. Fluently in German, maybe basic Russian, also basic French
  5. I'm too stubborn to give up but my streak just got reset :(

  1. English
  2. I like them all
  3. Navajo
  4. hahaha very barely, and simple ones
  5. I dunno I just like to know other cultures and I find that learning through experiencing and knowing languages helps me connect with so many people, I want to be able to connect with everyone, so in order to do that, I need to learn.
    (I'm so glad I found duolingo before today I was swimming in despair over there being so little time to learn them all and only being able to take one at a time (which was Latin))


Ai yeet best edit I CAN hold a conversation, they aren't perfect, but that makes them fun.

Also, I am now also learning ASL too. (I want to learn Russian, Latin, ASL, and Japanese for now)

  1. English
  2. All of them! they are always rotating, but currently it would be Chinese (mandarin)
  3. Nothing too difficult, I just need time
  4. I can certainly hold a conversation in Russian, Chinese and Korean are only very basic.
  5. I just simply have a love for languages, I want to know more, I want to be better, I want to be able to conversate in other languages. If you have a passion for your language, you will see progress, I promise!

  1. Serbo-Croatian (aka Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian...)
  2. Russian
  3. Mostly all languages I was learning were more difficult than the one I'm learning now, Russian. Hebrew was especially difficult. I stopped learning it because it was too difficult for me.
  4. I am fluent in English and German and can hold a decent conversation in French. I understand a lot more Russian than I can speak but I don't think I can go beyond the basic verbal communication.
  5. I love languages in general, but I realised it's very difficult to concentrate on more than one language at a time. I do Russian now, up to 2-3 hours a day. I guess I'll go back to Romanian at some point. And I am still very sorry I had to give up on Hebrew :(


1.England English 2. German 3. Korean 5. yes


1) English and Polish/Angielski i Polski 2) All of them (Esperanto, Chinese, Japanese)/Wszystkie (Esperanto, Chiński, Japoński) 3) Japanese/Japoński 4) No/Nie 5) idk/nie wiem

  1. English
  2. Spanish

3.Arabic is the most difficult 4. I can converse in Spanish A3 level

  1. I am motivated by the challenge, although maybe Arabic is a bit too much for me. I am pleased by my progress in French, Spanish and Polish, and that's what motivates me.

  1. English.
  2. I'm honestly not sure, maybe Italian.
  3. Oh yes, I'm learning both Mandarin and Greek so those two are very hard.
  4. Nope. I'm okay-ish at French but haven't been learning for very long, so I'm not yet fluent.
  5. I use a rota, so on day 1 I learn French, day 2 Italian, day 3 Spanish and so on

  1. English
  2. Latin
  3. Irish / Welsh
  4. Spanish
  5. It's more like I accidentally began too many courses...I tend to mostly focus on one language at a time but when I get bored with one I skip to another one


1.New Zealand English
2.German and Scottish Gaelic
3.French and Hebrew
4.Yes with German
5.I just love to learn!

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