what are you end goals

What are your end goals for learning the Korean language ?

to be fluent?.

to be able to read complex literature. ?

to just be able to get by?.

to just know the hangul to read and sing songs ?.

is it for a job ?.

or do you have no particular ending goal are you just learning as you go along for personal development / fun.?.

In a dream I would want to be fluent so i could confidently converse and also I enjoy reading Literature and writings from past historical figures its really interesting to see of peoples thoughts from say 100/200 years ago. So to do this in korean to see its culture / country that is somewhat different from England . fascinating !

March 15, 2019


I can't lie K-dramas and music are what started me looking into learning Korean, however, as a realtor in Phoenix, the market is requiring more diverse communication with businesses that are coming into our area. Fluent Korean would allow me to own a piece of the pie that no one else does.

March 15, 2019

I‘d like to be able to read news articles first hand to get a better understanding of the North/South Korean conflict.

March 15, 2019

wow thats so specific , such a complex issue aswell . It would certainly be an interesting thing to understand from both perspectives in their own literature . It would also be interesting to properly understand the propaganda they write .

March 16, 2019

pretty much all of the above. i aim to get certified which means learning this, and lot of the more specific grammar stuff doesnt really have much in the way of written explanations, so i get to feel like a detective piecing together grammar points' meanings. makes a cool hobby.

March 16, 2019

That list of grammar made me very angry XD just seeing them scares me alot my past of trying ( and failing ) to understand the grammar. but you seem to have a good aptitude and mindset for understanding the grammar somehow . hmm I guess you could say its an interesting hobby ..

March 16, 2019

To just learn the langues so I can move to Korea with my brother in about ten years time and for a job, and music, K-dramas and so I can swear so my family dont know what I am saying

March 21, 2019
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