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Can i know how to keep track of my students' streaks?

Hey! I have opened a Duolingo based Language Club in my University for fellow students. So i need to make sure they practice daily with duolingo. I made a Duo classroom to track their progress but i don't find where i can see if they are maintaining streak! is there a way?

March 15, 2019



There's a lot of information about your students that you can't see through Duolingo for Schools, sadly. You could look them up on duome.eu, but you'd have to do so one by one. Here's your page, for an example: https://duome.eu/Sumaiyabanu12/progress.


I created a duolingo club. If the students join your club, you can see the points they have accumulated for the week, as well as their streaks. I believe the week resets each Sunday at 8pm.

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