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  5. "This book is interesting."

"This book is interesting."

Translation:Daj paqvam.

March 15, 2019



Wait...so "Daj" is "interesting"...and "Daj' " with a qaghwI is "his/her/its"?


No, {-Daj} as a noun suffix (which lacks a qaghwI'/apostrophe) means his/her/its. e.g. {Daj paqDaj.} for "Her book is interesting."


Neither of them have a qaghwI'. And there is actually a third meaning of Daj ("to test something inconclusively"). Context is very helpful in distinguishing, though you can also tell when it means "his/her/its" because it gets attached to the end of the noun it is referring to and the verbs will have a space separating them from any nouns.

nger Daj Daj paqDaj. "Her book inconclusively tests the interesting theory."


"nger Daj Daj pagDaj" is now my favorite klingon sentence. :-D


Note that paq is spelled with a lower case Q, not a G.

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