"वे कुत्ते चलते हैं।"

Translation:Those dogs walk.

March 15, 2019

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Could this be they walk the dogs? Or would there be a post-position for that sentence?


No. चलते is 'walk' in the sense that the subject is walking. Usually, I would suggest using चलाते like in वे कुत्तों को चलाते हैं for 'They walk the dogs' but that sounds a little weird because चलाना is also used as 'drive' (a vehicle).
I would translate it as वे कुत्तों को सैर कराने ले जाते हैं। - They talk their dogs for a walk.


आपको मालूम है इसका आंसर


I wrote correct but it says wrong....


Not also "Those dogs walk on"?


Ok a dumb question incoming: When I see a word spelled like "walk" in this example, how do I know if it is read "chalte" or "chalate"? From what I understand, the vowel that follows a consonant in hindi script is "a" unless specified otherwise (a consonant followed by "a" looks exactly like the consonant as is). So how do you guys know when to ommit the "a"?


Definitely not a dumb question.
The 'a' is always omitted at the end of a word.
The 'a' attached to the first letter of a word is never omitted.
For letters in the middle, it is omitted some of the times and retained other times. A good thumb rule that will work for most words you will encounter is that the 'a' is not omitted for two letters in a row. That is to say, the 'a' is omitted if it is followed by a letter attached to a vowel that is not omitted. For example, the 'a' attached to ल in चलते ('chalte') is omitted because the next letter ते is pronounced with a vowel. The 'a' attached to ल in गलत ('galat' meaning wrong) is pronounced because it is followed by the letter त whose vowel is omitted (since it's at the end of the word)


In English grammar what is the difference between these and those for this sentence ? I am confused .


It's a question of proximity. You use 'these' when the subjects are close at hand (either literally or figuratively) and 'those' when the subjects are far away.


These= ये Those= वो


Actually, These= ये Those= वे


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Ok first this is completely stupid firstly dogs walk they don't fly


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