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  5. I finished the German tree!!!


I finished the German tree!!!

I just finished the German tree, I am so happy!!! It is a lot of work, but...Keep it up whoever is trying to do the same and nice job so far!!!

March 15, 2019



Finished the same tree two weeks ago! Amazing feeling! Congratulations and keep on going!!!


Congratulations! Now a question: Does Duolingo have additional features for those who finish (or at least get well through) the tree? I finished the tree several years ago, and Duo then had the option for us to translate articles from German into English. After being gone for a while, my tree degraded to almost nothing. Although I still have nearly a quarter million XP's, Duo seems to be treating me like an absolute beginner. It doesn't even offer me the option to test out like it did when I went through the tree originally. I've spent the last few days going through all the stories...but is there anything else on the other end of the rainbow to make it worth my while to try to convince Duo that I still remember the German that I first learned sixty years ago.


Not that I can see; and so I've resigned myself to fact I'll probably never gild my tree. If you have a paid account you CAN test out, one level at a time...but since the tests use the same phrases for each level in a unit, it is a bit tedious. If you have seven days free you could make quite a dent in a gold pursuit with a free trial, and at least guild the really simple stuff. I luckily got my tree half guided before they made testing out a paid feature. Now I just maintain my streak, and chat a bit in club with no final destination in mind.

I'm much happier watching Youtube vids (search "Easy German" or "Geschichte fur anfanger") reading stories (Olly Richards, Cafe in Berlin) talking on Skype/germansl.com or free4talk.com, or using new app Seedlang.com

The pretty colored Duolingo rainbow is great for beginners, but the intermediate train leaves from a different track!


Testing out is perfectly free on the web.


Thank you for the detailed response...and a couple of lingots to you.


To keep on with your German, one (of many, of course) ideas is to use the slowgerman site. It's very good for strengthening reading comprehension.


WOW!!! I am still quite a ways away but still going won`t give up till I finish the German tree. I have quite a few golden levels.


Nice keep it up


Buen trabajo good job


Ausgezeichnet! Do you have future plans for your German? Have you considered the Reverse German Tree (learn English from German) or do you have other resources in mind? Best wishes. :)


I'm from Denmark and live near the German border so it is good to learn some German.


Well done Bro, keep up the good work, and get 5 crowns on all levels :) Gut gemacht!


Wow great job Samuel!


Du hast recht, it is a lot of work.


lol haven't I seen you somewhere


Great job @SamuelSDalgaard! German is my favorite language ^^

keep managing your tree with Duome www.duome.eu/SamuelSDalgaard/en/de

Keep practicing, okay? =)



i like also german. i live in the netherlands so i am a neighbour of german


By 'finished', do you mean at least level 1 for the whole tree, or actually finished all levels?


He is at level 22 in German, so that can't be level 5 in all lessons :)


SamuelSDalgaard you must of been working for a long time on the German tree.


Yes it took quite long time




Großartig! Gratulieren!


It's great. Congratulations.


how long did it take?


It took some years because of some long absences, but in all time maybe 6 months, but keep it up:-)


my goal is to get through most of it in 3 months. long story short i got selected to study in germany for 2 weeks this summer. i leave june 15th. i would like to be able to read most german and order in restaurants.


that is a long time. for my english i took uh..... a few weeks. 42 i think. that´s not very long for english.


Good job bro!!! Next goal is to finish the golden owl!


well done congratulations




Congratulations!!! Gut gemacht. Do you know your level (A2, B1)?


gut gemacht! i hope to do the same c:


Congratulations mate!!! just picked up German last week, it can be a bit daunting lenguage for a native spanish speaker (such as myself) but having alreary learnt another language makes it easier in your brain i guess, at least with english it has some similarities with some words, kind of what happens with italian, portuguese and spanish, just not as closely related tough.

Actually, I just recently resumed the lessons in duolingo after a long while and I have a question, when goldening a lesson, does it changes or makes it more complex to you as you advance? let`s say for instance that you are studying adjectives, there are 5 levels on that lesson but after level 3/5 it starts to feel like the same so I just jump right on to the next one instead of goldening it, because I don't have many hours to practice, am I missing something out?


It's far better to jump onto the next subject ... and leave anything you have left for the revisions. Check weekly https://www.duome.eu/DiegopanzaV/progress ... you will see at some time in the future the 100% dropping on the ones you have done, then it is time to revise, do some more of them and get them back to their 100%


The content of the lessons don't really change as you get to higher levels. What does change is what type of questions you get asked. On the lower levels you need to translate from your target language to your native language. As you get to higher levels, you get more translating into your target language and more listening comprehension.


Congrats man! how long did it take you to finish it? I just started about 5 days ago, and I'm going strong, but it is difficult.


most people take a year or more to get through the German tree as its one of the hardest and longest trees on Duolingo. For myself I'm been at it for just over a year and think it is going to take me 2 years all up. (the poster of this thread was also doing it at school).

and the posters info shows he started doing German here on 09/09/2015 was when he did the first level of the basics. You've been doing the German here over 3 and a half years. Telling people it took you 6-8 mths is giving people a very false impression


I went through the German tree for the first time in a little under three months, but then I had the vague advantage of having taken German in high school ~30 years ago.


Keep it up... It took about 6-8 months, but I didn't do that much every day.


congratulations! Now that you have completed the tree, tell me...do you feel like you speak German? Was it worth it?


No, I speak some German I also learned some in the school, that improved my German too. I think it is worth a lot and you learn a lot too, but I think I learned more from the school. But keep it up!


how many words do you know right now?


A lot...IDK:-)


How long did it take and how much did you do per day?


Maybe 6-8 months I don't know exactly.


Your info shows that you started doing the German here (the basic level 1) on 09/09/2015 (3 and a half years ago)

https://www.duome.eu/SamuelSDalgaard/progress and click on the date part.

In one day it shows you doing 69 sections of level 1 so I guess you must have learnt it at school during the long periods you were away from here, so was able to come back to do a huge part of the tree (completing the 69 level 1s) in just one day


That's right, I learned at lot in school, but I don't think I made 69 level 1s in one day. When duolingo updated for about a year ago, so you didn't have to strengthen all levels I had strengthend a lot of them which turned over to level one when it updated.


I am just wondering.... when you say you finished the tree.... are your "circles" on level 1 or higher ? Congratulations anyway. It is really a hard and long way.


You can see on the crowns that he is not at level 5 in all of them, but most of them.


If you look at this page https://duome.eu/SamuelSDalgaard, you can see that he only has 283/607 crown levels. I don't know how the max can be 607 probably a bug.


Wunderbar!! Good job, I'm still struggling with it not because of my abilities but because whenever I try to test out a whole checking point I do super dumb mistakes and/or typos hah


Congrats! Now just make it full of gold! :-) More importantly - start reading german websites or watching german broadcasting and first of all - stay in touch with the language!


Great! Your such a PRO.




Congratulations !


Nice job man you just motivated me :)


How long did it take you? I m trying to learn German because I am going to live in Germany for the summer.


I don't know exactly, but about 6-8 months.


Congratulations mate, now you can taste the fruit of your laber!






Congratulations man! I'll start my German journey very soon :)


Congrats! I'm only starting it...


WoW. Congratulation! How much did it help you?


I learned much from school too, but sure it helped me...


Ausgezeichnet :) I'm pretty much fluent in German from high-school but still have all the practice in here to do. Always thought the cases (... dative) were hardest to grasp


Gut gemacht!

I have finished the German tree and the English tree for German speakers to gold, and in two days I'll do the last German story. I'm slightly working on French for German speakers now. ;)


So, I'm pretty far in Spanish, but German is kicking my......How well do you feel you know the language? I know that one time through the tree still means that there's a long way to go, but German is brutal for me.


Quick question, what is the total number of skills and lessons in the german tree as of august 2019? Thanks


Awesome work! How good to do you think your German is? And how long did it take you?


how long did it take you to finish?


Well done and thanks for the encouragement. Have a lingot.


Thank you so much!!!


i am dutch and i am also learning deutch. i like it. the only tree from me that is finisht is english. i am level 16 i think.

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