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  5. "Suvchuq qeylIS molor je."

"Suvchuq qeylIS molor je."

Translation:Kahless and Molor fought each other.

March 16, 2019



In english, saying "Tim and Bob fought." Implies that they fought each other


It does not imply that in Klingon. Suv qeylIS molor je says Kahless and Molor fight (someone unspecified). Now, it's true that if Kahless and Molor fight each other, then Suv qeylIS molor je, but the sentence in no way implies that they are fighting each other, only that they are fighting someone. The Klingon Suv qeylIS molor je does not necessarily imply that the two fight on the same side, but it doesn't preclude it either.


It might just be my ears being weird, but I swear molor sounds like more like "low-lore" than "moe-lore" in the audio here. I even went back to the tips page to make sure I wasn't forgetting any of the Klingon names I was so convinced...


I didn't hear it, but I've re-recorded. See if it sounds better to you in a few days.


Wouldn't "Kahless and Molor will fight each other" be correct also?


Absolutely. That is an accepted sentence. Did you think you entered that and it got rejected? I don't see any reports on that sentence. Did you get a screen shot?

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