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  5. "Quarter past eleven o'clock"

"Quarter past eleven o'clock"

Translation:Hapahā i hala ka hola ʻumikūmamākahi

March 16, 2019



I get confused when a sentence re time has the ka before the hola, and when it does not.


If I'm understanding this correctly the ka is included when we are talking about something happening at a certain time, that is when you're adding the i preposition in front. I wonder though whther i ka hola is an idiomatic structure or could ma be used here? Heluhelu au ma ka hola 'elima o ke kakahiaka


What is ‘umikūmamākahi?


It is the number eleven.

(11) ʻumikūmamākahi

(12) ʻumikūmamālua

(13) ʻumikūmamākolu

(14) ʻumikūmamāhā

(15) ʻumikūmamālima

(16) ʻumikūmamāono

(17) ʻumikūmamāhiku

(18) ʻumikūmamāwalu

(19) ʻumikūmamāiwa

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