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It's my lucky day

Hi everyone,

While going through the freebie section of my local online community, I came across a big box of German books being given away, full of German cookbooks, German travel books and German novels. I'm so excited and going to be taken around there to pick them up in an hour.

German books in Australia have been hard to get and we have very expensive postage. I think these books will really help me with the German :)

If I feel brave enough maybe I will even try to verbally speak German to the German guy when I pick them up (though that thought terrifies me lol.. I have not as yet tried to verbally chat to anyone in the language but I did tell him on phone I've been studying German for a year so maybe he will try to chat German to me.

March 16, 2019



Sprich mit ihm, in Australien hat man selten die Gelegenheit, Deutsch zu sprechen. Maybe this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship :-)

The movie Casablanca is always worth a quote. I had the same problem with speaking English in Germany when I was younger. I really just started to get the hang of it after I went to this club where American GI went to relax. It is worth a try. Good luck


Er ist jetzt tot. =( Aber danke!


★Oh, were you speaking to sea-mist? Yes, that man is sounds alive and kicking. Go for it! :))


Er lebt in der Erinnerung weiter. Nur wer vergessen ist, ist wirklich tot. You still remember the guy, even if you might never have met him.
Anyway, if you get the chance to loot such a treasure - go for it! As I said, in pre-mail-order times it was hard to come by foreign language items.

  • in Australien hat man selten die Gelegenheit, Deutsch zu sprechen.*

Really? I thought australia is full with young germans making holidays for some month or doing work and travel after finishing school. But maybe they all stick together...


Truth, but Australia is such an awfully big country. Even if we all were there you'd be hard pressed to find one, let alone come to speak with it.


They probably go to one of other Australian states. I've NEVER met a German tourist. Lots more tourists go to Sydney or Melbourne.


They often go by "work and travel" so they can stay up to one year. I know two girls who did it that way. But they stayed mostly east or south east


I was lucky some time ago. Someone rang and said she was throwing her husband's German books out. (with his permission!) She told me to take whichever ones I wanted. I sure came across some gems there!



I would recommend checking with your local library too. They only have so much space and when new books come in, older less used ones have to go somewhere. They often sell them for a fraction of the price, or even give them away to make room.

I haven’t dug into my treasure trove yet, but I will soon


umm I've never thought to check out if they have other nationality books. I'd love to get hold of Harry Potter in German


Good on ya, go for it!


★ Already have...hehe...


I ended up getting 49 German books and a set of German encyclopedias. The only thing I'm missing now is a German dictionary. I ended up being too chicken to speak to him in German and he did not try to prompt by speaking to me in it. I'll do it one day probably with one of my online German friends


yep, fear of speaking out to someone who knows better is common. For the dictionary, try some online, for example "dict.leo.org" or dict.cc". The first one I use myself, the other is said to be good as well.


Ja! Ich kann kein deutsch...


Hi sea-mist :-) great to hear you got such a score! Where in Oz are you? Even our little library in the South West has German, Spanish, French, Indonesian and other language books :-) Depending on where you are, I have found there are large communities of Germans all over Australia! If you are on fb, just ask in one of the local buy and sell pages, or chats, or even on Gumtree - someone is bound to answer :-) Good luck!

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