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  5. "I have two cats."

"I have two cats."

Translation:मेरे पास दो बिल्लियाँ हैं।

March 16, 2019



I was about to ask the following but realized my own mistake. I figured I'd share it in case it helps the next person who makes the same mistake.

Question: Should मेरे दो बिल्लियाँ हैं also be accepted?

I get why मेरे पास दो बिल्लियाँ हैं is right, but I don't get why मेरे दो बिल्लियाँ हैं is wrong.

It so happens that I have three sons, and I'd say मेरे तीन बेटे हैं, without the पास. Why doesn't that work for cats?

Answer, the structure without "पास" would work, but "my cats" would call for "मेरी", not "मेरे"


Mere without paas means inalienable possession But you know what if your cat runs away? Which they often do

So therefore you should say mere paas which means alienable possession


Great explanation


This may be a dumb question but what is the पास possessive?


You may think of 'के पास' as being like 'with'. So, Hindi indicates possessions as 'With possessor is possession' - 'possessor के पास possession है'. For pronouns, instead of adding के, you use the possessive case (मेरे, तेरे, तुम्हारे, आपके, उसके etc).

Literally, पास means 'near'.


Question about this. Why is it "mere" and not "meri"? Isn't cat/cata a feminine noun?


You can think of 'के पास' as being a single unit meaning 'with' (as in possession) when used with people or animals and 'near' when used with inanimate objects. It's always के in this case.

मेरे पास is essentially मैं + के पास


That makes so much sense! Thank you very much for the explanation :)


Can you say 'mere do billya paas hain'?


That would mean 'My two cats are nearby'.

पास indicates possession only when preceded by the postposition के or the possessive form of pronouns (मेरे, तुम्हारे, उसके etc).


Why is "दो बिल्लियाँ मेरे पास हैं" incorrect? Does it have a different meaning or does it just sound strange?


In written form, it doesn't sound very natural.

But in spoken Hindi with the right inflection, it can be used to emphasise certain parts of the sentence.


Why हैं is used at the end of sentence ?

Is it used to express 2 cats or something else


Yes. It's because of 'दो बिल्लियाँ' being plural.


Why is पास needed here? I understand that it is correct with it, but it seems optional to me.

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