"My grandfather's in the bedroom."

Translation:Aia koʻu tūtū kāne i ka lumi moe.

March 16, 2019

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I don't really understand when you use "i" and when you use "ma" are they mostly interchangeable? Both answers "i ka lumi moe" and "ma ka lumi moe" are correct


Hawaiian: "I" = "to, on, in, at" in English.

"ma" means "on, in, at" except for "to"



I could have sworn that previously it had said to put ko'u after tūtū kāne, what is the rule for when it should be "ko'u tūtū kāne" vs "tūtū kāne ko'u"?


ko'u tūtū kāne


If you are trying to say "My grandpa," then you would place the possessive before the object, as in: koʻu tūtū kāne.

If you are trying to say "that grandpa of mine," then an article would precede "grandpa" and the possessive would follow. For example: "That grandpa of mine" would be Kēlā tūtū kāne koʻu. I believe this is the proper structure, but someone perhaps someone can check me.


Don't you mean kēlā tūtū kāne oʻu?


Duolingo needs to do hawaiian grammar lessons and how to set out sentences. Failed twice now beacuse i dont know how to set them out. Can anyone help?


You can have them at note and tips. For Hawaiian lessons, notes and tips are at the web version and are not at app version.


Is there a particular aspect that's causing you trouble?


What is the difference between, "My grandfatherʻs in the bedroom." and "My grandfather is in the bedroom."? Both are the same sentence except the one that says "grandfatherʻs" uses "Aia" and the other one that says "grandfather is" doesnʻt. Is it personal preference?


Can some PLEASE answer the difference between "i" and "ma" instead of turning around the other parts of the sentence?


Read Kekoa's post for a very good explanation. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33314201

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