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Hawaiian Timed Practice

Hi, I write this post hoping that some Hawaiian course moderator sees the time bonus issue for each correct answer. It's just 10 seconds! It's terrible for me to type in many Hawaiian phrases earning only 10 seconds, it should be a 25 seconds reward! I'll report the matter to the technical team today (Troubleshooting), but I'd like to share it with all of you and know if you've been able to use the feature or not. Thanks!

March 16, 2019



I've never paid specific attention. I do know I often run out of time. But I've always blamed it on the special characters and the extra time it takes to enter them. I'll check it out tomorrow. Do you get more time when doing timed practice on other courses?


Hi jdmcowan, So! Yes, in other courses I get to earn 20 seconds or more depending of the sentence, especially in the older courses of Duolingo. There are many Hawaiian phrases that take many seconds to write, like Makemake ʻoe e hoʻoikaika kino i ka ʻauinalā?(Do you want to work out in the afternoon?) for instance.

As a general rule for the Hawaiian course, the timed practice should take about 22 seconds of earn in each correct sentence, because in the last lessons of the tree are the longest sentences, and getting hit with all the accents gets tricky, I've tried many times and it's impossible to reach the sixth sentence without finishing the time. It's impossible to beat the clock with just 7 seconds of reward. Thank you by the attention!

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