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бегать vs. бежать

There is an exercise in the course and it goes like this:

The children are not playing; they are just running home.

As far as I understood from the explanations in the comment sections, бегать is just running without any destination or direction involved (e.g. for fun or sport); бежать is used when there is direction or destination implied. Many of the other exercises supported this. When they were running to school, it was бежать and when I was simply running very fast it was бегать.

The exercise I quoted up there is translated like so:

Дети не играют - они просто бегут домой.

Isn't this supposed to be бежут? They are obviously running towards home. Have I misunderstood them? When I used бежут, it simply wasn't accepted.

Enlighten me.

Edit: In the same lesson, there is a sentence "We are running home" which is translated as "Мы бежим домой".

March 16, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Have a look at the conjugation of бежать, https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/бежать#Conjugation - бегут is indeed 3rd person plural of бежать, for бегать it's бегают


    I am enlightened!


    есть, хотеть, дать, создать and бежать are irregular in their conjugation, as well as ошибиться and probably ссать. There are numerous verb whose forms you cannot predict from their infinitive but very few like these, with the overall pattern different from the default schemes.


    Oh, no! Maybe, you wanted to write ‘’сосать’’?


    Oh, no! I believe we wanted to write exactly what he did write. "сосать" is a regular verb


    создать is a verb. it means to create


    I don't think that's the verb Pozin had in mind...


    You are right! Do you know what I have in mind? Write only - yes or no.


    I'm a native russian speaker and I didn't know the answer to this until I looked at the comments. My russian is getting rusty....

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