"Almeno quelle sono questioni fisiche."

Translation:At least those are physical matters.

April 9, 2013

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how come you write - quelle sono questioni fisiche - quelle and fisiche as plural females and questioni as plural males??


Actually its "la questione" / "le questioni"; nouns in that class (the -e termination in the singular) usually have the same ending in the plural (-i) regardless of gender.


The real "questione" is why does "questioni" mean "matters" and/or "reasons"?? Doesn't questioni mean questions?!


The source of both, the Latin verb quaerere (hence quaestio), meant "to seek", "to investigate", next to "to ask", "to inquire"; in English survived the latter meaning, while in Italian the former: "questione" indicates a subject of discussion, a point to be investigated and clarified. In Italian the latter meaning is associated with the past participle of the verb, "quesito" (quaesitus), while in English the former is associated with "quest".

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