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  5. "You read."

"You read."

Translation:तुम पढ़ते हो।

March 16, 2019



Help with ho and he


है is used when referring to a single person or when you say तू and हो is used when you say आप or तुम​. Ways to conjugate होना = यह है, वह है, ये हैं, वे हैं, मैं हूँ, तू है, तुम हो, हम हैं, आप हो, आप हैं, two ways to use आप depending on level of formality, आप हैं is more formal.


Note that 'आप हो' is colloquial usage and may be considered to be grammatically wrong in written form.


Very helpful to see all the conjugations together, thank you!


Is Tum padhte ho used to refer to a singular tum and to a plural tum as well? Can I use this sentence for referring both to a singular person and a group of people?


Yes. But it is more common to use तुम लोग ('you people') when you're referring to multiple people.


Hm, we cant's translate this you like "आप"? Why?


You can. With आप, it should be आप पढ़ते हैं।


When we should use ho


Second person plural, I believe. I'm not 100% on that, however. It doesn't help that many courses don't accept "y'all" as a translation for second person plural in English, which makes it hard to differentiate between singular and plural.


हो is used with तुम.

Note that the three second-person forms in Hindi only vary by how formal/intimate they are. तू is the least formal and is used exclusively with very close friends and family of around the same age as yourself. तुम is of intermediate formality and is used for most people younger than or of the same age. आप is the most formal and is used for people older than you or in a formal/professional context.

Neither तुम or आप is exactly the plural form. They can both be used for multiple people but it is more common to use them for a single person and तुम लोग / आप लोग (you people) as the plural.


That was so useful. Thank you


What's the difference between 'tu' 'tuje' and 'tumse' ?


Tu/tum/aap - 'you'
Tujhe/tumhe/aapko - 'to you' or 'at you'
Tujhse/tumse/aapse - 'from you' or 'with you'


Thank you for that thank you Duolingo for this thank you very much


what 's wrong with आप पढ़ते हो ?


Help with ho and he

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