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"Tari ini bukan untuk anak kecil."

Translation:This dance is not for little children.

March 16, 2019



The literal translation of "anak kecil" is "little children" but what is important in this sentance, that the children are little, or that they are young? Is the dance OK for a 5 year old giant but not OK for a 12 year old dwarf?

I put "This dance is not for young children" because size is most likely not the issue but age is.


Children is anak kecil


child = anak
children = anak-anak

little child = anak kecil
little children = anak-anak kecil


Why is "bukan" used here? Isn't this word supposed to negate a noun-to-noun or pronoun-to-noun relationship? This seems interchangeable with "tidak" in this case.

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