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keine and keinen

what is the difference between Keine and Keinen?

July 15, 2012



It's similar to the difference between "eine", and "einen".

Ich habe einen Sohn. Ich habe eine Tochter

Ich habe keinen Sohn. Ich habe keine Tochter


keine is used for subjects that are feminine or plural. Keinen is used for direct objects that are masculine in the accusative case. For reference of all (k)ein- forms, see this chart: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/keinen Nominative: Subject Genitive: advanced German... used for forming sentences with "of" in them. "None of the, all of the, etc." Dative: used when you use one of these words: aus ausser bei mit nach seit von zu gegenueber and when you want to show physical possession (IE My mom has the keys [in which "The" would be dative because the keys are being in physical possession by someone.]) Accusative: used for direct objects (an object in a sentence that is not the subject) This is one of the many walls you will face as a German learner... but don't lose hope! Once you overcome these walls you are that much closer to speaking finely polished German.

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